Intel has partnered with Qualcomm to release new chips and to strengthen the chip-making business that has been facing a massive down as components are facing shortages. Intel is still one of the most known chip companies for computers, and Qualcomm is the most prominent for smartphones. Together, they may be an unstoppable force in the tech industry.

Initially, the newly appointed Qualcomm CEO, Christian Amon, has teased that the chipmaking company is looking at a venture that aims to rival the M1 chip from Apple. It may be so that this is the one he is referring to, their partnership with Intel.

Intel and Qualcomm's Partnership

Intel and Qualcomm to Collaborate on New Ventures
(Photo : Intel)

Intel's latest Accelerated 2021 event has revealed this venture, as CEO Pat Gelsinger revealed to all the participants and audience that its next venture was massive for the company. And by massive, he meant their partnership with a humongous name in the chipmaking industry, Qualcomm. 

Smartphone chips are different from computers, but its partnership would only strengthen both companies' CPU creation. 

Intel is known to be powering through this phenomenon of a chip shortage that the world currently observes. The initial solution of Intel is to bring back its famous architect to rebuild the chips from the ground up. 

Qualcomm and Intel partnering together are unprecedented by the public and even its enthusiasts, as it did not seem that companies this large would come together and join on a venture to help each other. 

It is unknown if Qualcomm has been facing problems, but Intel has been revealed to be under immense pressure, especially as Apple dropped them from the M1. Apart from that, rival AMD is rising to compete with its products. 

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Will Computer and Smartphone Ventures be Separated?

Not much has been revealed regarding this joint venture, and one thing is sure, it is not a merger of both companies, nor an acquisition. The partnership would be mutually beneficial, as one would focus on the smartphones, and the other on the computers.

Qualcomm Snapdragon
(Photo : Samsung: Galaxy Book Go)

That being said, it might be so that the smartphone CPUs and computer chips continue to be separated, and these companies continue to be their brand. They would just focus on a few creations like a unified chip to beat the M1 or bringing Intel technology to mobile via Qualcomm. 

Qualcomm and Intel's M1 Killer

According to XDA Developers, Windows and PC ARM-based chips have not yet leaped as much as the M1, and this venture may focus on this specific build. Intel is known for its expertise in servicing both Windows and macOS for a long-time, and Qualcomm has been prominent for its ARM-based chips.

Together, they would make something that might push Apple to watch their backs with a unified ARM chip for Windows, combatting that of the M1. The public would have to wait for its confirmation, but this is the most possible venture for both companies. 

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