'Dead by Daylight' Update 2.26 for PS4 | Bug Fixes, Trickster Changes, and More
(Photo : Screenshot From Steampowered Website) 'Dead by Daylight' Update 2.26 for PS4 | Bug Fixes, Trickster Changes, and More

"Dead by Daylight" update 2.26 for PS4 has finally been announced by Behaviour Interactive themselves. There have been a lot of key bug fixes that were confirmed along with different changes for the Trickster, according to an article by PSU

A lot of exciting things have happened in the past, like a K-Pop star joining "Dead by Daylight." Here's what's new with the game mechanics.

'Dead by Daylight' Update 2.26 Features & Content

Here are the "Dead by Daylight" 2.26 updates:

Settings Menu

  • Players now have the ability to toggle a number of HUD elements on or off. These include score events, player names, and killer hook count. Players can also reset each category tab by themselves.


  • There is a new tooltip for the Store button when players enable the Beginner Mode Tooltips.


  • There are new lightning and material improvements on the popular Hospital Map.

'Dead by Daylight' Update 2.26 Trickster Gameplay Update


  • Players can Lacerate up to 6 times from 8.

  • There will be faster Laceration decay. 20 seconds if the player is running and the full meter depletes in 15 seconds if not.

  • Shorter delay before Laceration begins to decay. Now set to 10 seconds from 20 seconds.

  • Laceration is removed when performing successful basic attacks up to 3 times from 4.

  • Main Event will start throwing sooner by a second.

  • 30 knive hits will be required to activate the Main Event from 20

  • Players will get a 30 second window in order to activate the Main Event from 10 seconds.

  • There are new knife hit indicators showing when knives directly connect with Survivors.

'Dead by Daylight' Update 2.25 Addons

  • Melodius Murder - the knives' reload time at lockers will be moderately increased.

  • Fizz-Spin Soda - this will come with smaller effects. Players will now start at 2 knives thrown instead of the previous 3. This will be balanced out with a smaller maximum Laceration.

  • Iridescent Photocard - When a certain Survivor's Laceration Meter is two or even less Blade hits away from reaching its maximum, they are then infected with the Exposed status effect.

  • Death Throes Compilation - the Trickster's knives are replenished when the Main Event finishes.

  • Lucky Blade - players can hit a survivor with a Blade even during Main Event and will experience a moderate extension by 0.2 seconds.

  • Waiting for You Watch - players can hit a survivor with a Blade even during the Main Event and will experience a moderate extension by 0.3 seconds.

'Dead by Daylight' Update 2.26 Changes from PTB to Live

  • Players start with 44 knives from 60

  • The maximum knife rate of fire bonus after having thrown 8 knives is now 25% from 33%

  • Trick Pouch willl be adding 4 knives to the inventory from 10

  • Bloody Boa will be adding 8 knives to the inventory from 15

  • Knife hit indicators have been reduced in size.

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