An international scientist collaboration, which consists of 15 researchers, claimed that they transformed water into metal. Their innovation is currently a big deal since the approach they used is quite unique. 

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For the past few years, most researchers and other experts believed that water is an almost perfect insulator under normal conditions. This means that heat and electricity can't easily pass through the liquid substance. 

On the other hand, scientists also explained that water could only develop metallic properties if it is under extreme pressure. This can be seen in the videos showing the core of planets, where a molten metallic liquid is found. 

But, some people are confused since they believe that water is a good conductor. Experts explained that water could only be a conductor if it contains massive amounts of salt. Pure, distilled water, which is usually found in cities, is a perfect insulator. 

Did Water Turn Into Metal? 

As of the moment, various international collaborations of scientists are creating different innovations. These include Phononic's Cooling Chip, which will be used in refrigerators, as well as snake venom super glue

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However, they are still not that unique since they are still achievable. On the other hand, the new study titled "Spectroscopic evidence for a gold-coloured metallic water solution," which was published by the Nature journal, is a different one. 

The involved scientists explained that they used alkali metals, which release their outer electrons very easily to turn water into metallic liquid. 

However, alkali metal and water are known to have an explosive reaction when combined together. To avoid this from happening, scientists combined alkali metal and a sodium-potassium alloy. 

Instead of dropping the metallic substance in the diluted water, they released a tiny bit of the liquid into the metal solution.  

Water Transformed Into Shiny, Golden Metal 

According to Phys Org's latest report, researchers confirmed that they were able to turn distilled water into a shiny, golden metal ball. 

"You can see the phase transition to metallic water with the naked eye! The silvery sodium-potassium droplet covers itself with a golden glow, which is very impressive," said the study's leading supervisor, Dr. Robert Seidel. 

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