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Google TV has a lot of features that you can enjoy. One of them is being able to access the Play Store as Google made it possible to integrate the app into the home screen. This is a feature that you can't get on Android TVs.

The Play Store on Google TV devices is placed under the "Apps" tab on the TV's home screen. You can also use the Play Store feature when installing apps, but not in the usual way.

To be clear, there is no Play Store app that you can launch, but the feature is still there. You will just need to look for it.

Voice Command

The easiest way to open the Play Store on your Google TV is by using your voice and the Google Assistant function that can be seen on your remote. Hold the button down and say "Play Store" so that Google Assistant can hear you.

Android Police notes that after doing the command, the Play Store will open on the screen.

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Open the Function from the Settings

If you don't want to use the voice command feature, you can also access the Play Store from the settings. You can use your remote to highlight the profile icon located at the top-right corner of the TV's home screen and tap "Settings."

How to Geek further described the actions: Tap "Apps" and find "Google Play Store." You need to select "See All Apps" then tap "Open," and the Play Store will open on the screen. .

Remap Remote Buttons

Remapping one of the buttons on your Google TV remote, which had an update in early 2021, is the most advanced method to use. This will change the function of the remote to open Play Store. You need to download and launch the "Button Mapper" app to perform this method.

You can begin by navigating to the "Apps" then tapping the "Search For Apps" option. You can use Google Assistant button on your remote or the onscreen keyboard to search for the app. Click on "Install" to download the app to your device.

As soon as it is installed, tap the "Open" button.

Once the app opens, you will need to grant permissions so that it can detect the buttons that you press.

The app will assist you in navigating the feature, and it will enable permission. Some buttons will require you to unlock the app for a price. That's $4.99.

TechCrunch also notes that you can also remap buttons on your Google TV remote. Just choose one of the buttons or the "Add Button" option for a service like Netflix or YouTube on your remote.

Click the "Add Buttons" item and press the service that you want on your remote. The button will appear on the list; then, you can select the option.

Once you are done, you can set the button to open the Play Store. Tap on "Applications." When you press the button, you will see the full Play Store on your screen.

To close the Play Store, you can use the remote again and tap "Close" on the settings.

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