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Google's Play Media Experience Program pushes for more app developers to create platforms on Android, Google TV, Wear OS, Auto, foldables, and tablets.

Google's Play Media Experience Program Launch

The program was announced at the I/O 2021 event, and it is a way for app developers to get around Google's usual 30% cut on their earnings. Under the program, Google will only take 15% of the developer's earnings.

In 2020, the Play Media Experience Program was first tested by Google when it launched Google TV on Chromecast

Google pointed out that numerous developers participated in the Google TV launch due to the program, and that was when the company decided to expand it and give more developers a chance to apply, according to The Verge. 

Now, Google is ready to reach out to third-party application developers and media companies globally.

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The Three Areas

Google will be focusing on three areas: video, audio, and books. Developers for video services that cover TV shows, movies, news, live sports, and other video programming are welcome to apply for the program.

Developers must experience either Android TV, Chromecast, or Google TV platforms with cross-device playback; sign-in integrations are required. Google wants users to find content faster, sign up and sign in with ease, and enhance the discovery experience on the platform.

As for audio, developers for premium music and audio content through subscription are encouraged to create apps for Android Auto, Wear OS, Android TV, and Google Cast. Google wants users to benefit from listening to content across all devices continuously.

And lastly, developers offering audiobooks, premium books, and comics are encouraged to allow tablet and foldable device optimizations and Entertainment Space integration. They are encouraged to build apps for Wear OS and Android Auto for audiobook services.

With this program, both the users and Google will get more media apps across Android and Google TV and the Chromecast platform, Automotive, Android Auto, tablets, foldables, and Wear OS, as reported by Android Authority.

In the next couple of months, the wearable platform is set to be rolled out, while large screen devices are currently seeing an increase in usage and interest from manufacturers. This is the reason why Google is looking for ways to entice more developers.

As mentioned earlier, developers can get more of what they earn in exchange for creating apps on all of the Google platforms and integrating them with specific features.

On the first $1 million in revenue from the Play Media Experience Program, Google will only take 15% of the developer's earnings instead of the usual 30%. This move will greatly help small and medium app developers.

All of the apps built in the Play Media Experience Program must continue to use the Google Play Store's in-app billing system.

App developers can also benefit from Play Store promotion and discovery. Google is also ready to provide technical aid to developers when needed.

Developers interested in applying for the program can head to Google's Play Media Experience Program website. Google will reach out and provide more information on how to proceed with the process if they are eligible.

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