ESA Confirms 'Proper Pronunciation' of Agency Name | Top 5 Worldwide Space Agencies
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) ESA Confirms 'Proper Pronunciation' of Agency Name | Top 5 Worldwide Space Agencies

The ESA has just confirmed what the "proper pronunciation" of their name should be. For those that have been pronouncing the space agency as "E.S.A.," well, the agency says this is not the proper way their agency's name should be pronounced.

A tweet from the ESA noted that when a name is an acronym, it might be mispronounced a lot. They then said that they are the ESA and it is pronounced "EE-SAH" and that they are definitely NOT "The E.S.A." Of course, they also noted that calling them the European Space Agency is still fine.

This can actually be quite common with some other space agencies as well and not just ESA or "EE-SAH." In fact, even the most famous NASA can also be mispronounced sometimes as well. The top 5 space agencies, according to Ranked, include agencies that almost everyone into space exploration might already know.

Here are the Top 5 Space Agencies and Their Proper Pronunciation:



National Aeronautics and Space Administration

For a solid 6 decades, NASA has been leading peaceful space exploration, making new discoveries about the Earth, other planets, the solar system, different galaxies, and the whole universe. It is reportedly an independent organization that technically isn't part of any executive department. However, the space agency reports directly toward the United States President. NASA has just spotted a dying star radiation blast through its Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope.



China National Space Administration

The CNSA is reportedly responsible for planning and implementing all of the country's space missions on a national level. The CNSA is responsible for signing government agreements that are reportedly related directly to space research.



European Space Agency

The ESA is reportedly an international organization composed of 22 member states. The organization works by harmonizing the intellectual as well as financial assets of all of its members. The ESA can manage activities and programs that are far beyond the scope of just any single European nation.



Russian Federal Space Agency

RosCosmos is known to be a coordinating hub for all the different kinds of space activities happening in Russia. It reportedly conducts a number of civilian activities as well. This includes astronaut projects and even monitoring Earth. The agency is also known to coordinate military launches along with the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation.



Indian Space Research Organization

The ISRO harnesses space technology in order for it to be used for national development while still pursuing different planetary exploration as well as space science research. The agency has been able to carry out a number of major operations both on the national as well as international levels.

There are also other private players stepping into the space scene like SpaceX and more recently, Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin as they are trying to work closely with NASA.

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