Snapchat is down, and an unknown issue was said to be the cause of this, as the company has already acknowledged this via their social media page on Twitter. This issue has caused users a failure to log in via the app, and cannot continue to the visual-centered social media. Snapchat said it is already working on a fix regarding this issue.

Earlier last June, Snapchat has faced an almost similar issue where it faced many crashes on the application after its supposed update. However, the fix for that was not via its servers, but something which users should do within their phones.

Now, there is another issue, but it cannot be easily fixed as it is for the company.

Snapchat is Down

Snapchat is down, and there is no doubt about it, as the application's users can launch the app, but cannot continue their log-ins. Usually, daily users of Snapchat would only load its app and proceed to its homepage where a camera is already waiting. But now, well, it stuck itself on the login or sign-up page.

Users have taken this issue to Twitter, where memes and reaction photos or GIFs were used to explain their current status as they check and log in to the application.

 It is only a normal day for people to use the application, share stories, talk to friends, and view their feed, but it failed to do so due to this server being down.

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Snapchat Issue

Snapchat's Support Team has already acknowledged the issue and has tweeted a statement that this issue is under the team's supervision. The company is already working on a fix, but it did not explain the nature of its login problems from the company.

The support team also did not share any timeline with regards to fixing the application, and only said that it would look into it and try to fix the issue so that it may be usable.

These are the same statements that other companies have issued, but for others, they immediately identify the issue that made their service faulty or has problems.

Snapchat Fix

Currently, users and Snapchat are waiting on a fix and update from its support team, and users are left to face the issue that they may not use the application for the rest of their afternoon. However, worry not, as issues like this get solved in a few hours, and would not take as much as a day to have it back and running.

May was a massive month for Snapchat, especially as it showcased the many additions to the application brought by its presentation for innovation. This included a dark mode for Snapchat which would either be turned on or off by the user; or be a default depending on the time or the phone's system.

On the other hand, this is also where the fourth generation Snapchat Spectacles has empowered itself, looking more into augmented reality, far better than its previous tech glasses.

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