"GTA Online" has its LS Car Meets up for another week, and it shows no sign of slowing down as people already enjoy what Rockstar Games has offered so far. What is coming for this week is a variety of new content, more importantly, that of a new car known as the Comet S2. Other offers are also coming, including that of 2X RP, GTA$, and more. 

In the middle of July, Rockstar Games has given the public another thing to look forward to on its popular "GTA" franchise, but it is not the "GTA VI." It is the Los Santos Tuners special, which has brought a lot of car scenes, modding, racing, and showing off amongst all "GTA Online" gamers for the love of cars. 

'GTA Online: LS Car Meets Introduces Comet S2

If you have been playing since its early days in the PlayStation or PC, you may have already heard of the "Comet," and yes, it is the "GTA" counterpart of a Porsche 911. While it does not exactly match that of the 911 or Carerra, and other of its variants, the car has that distinct Porsche branding that makes it a top choice in the game. 

Rockstar Games has introduced the arrival of the Pfister Comet S2, an upgraded version of the "Comet," a player favorite in "Grand Theft Auto." Not only that, but it is also joined by the arrival of different events and mini-games to participate in, and win spectacular prizes like new cars and double the money. 

The Comet S2 is available to be stolen across the game, but mind you, that it is a hard-to-find car in the game, as one may come across an old Comet, or other similar-looking vehicles. Moreover, it is available in its shop for quite a hefty price. 

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'GTA Online': LS Car Meets New Content for End of July

Despite being near the end of July, "GTA Online" has released new content with regards to the Los Santos Tuners and LS Car Meets, meaning that the event is there to stay for a long time. This has been observed for events like the Cayo Perico Heist, Diamond Casino Heist, and more. 

What to Expect

Rockstar has a lot of releases for LS Car Meets this end of the month, it includes several 2X events for both RP and GTA$, where people would enjoy different events to choose from.

  • From July 29 to August 4, players who would win five Sprint events would receive a Vulcar Warrener HKR 
  • All Sprint events have a 2X RP and GTA$ up for grabs.
  • Get a chance to Test Ride the Vapid Dominator ASP, Dinka Jester RR, and the Pfister Comet S2 for free.
  • LS Customs Varsity Jacket and Fukaru Race Livery are up for grabs to all visitors of the LS Car Meets.
  • Reaching Car Meet Membership Rank 20 and upgrading one's rep will earn a GTA$ 250,000 bonus (until August 17).
  • Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel Grand Prize: Truffade Z-Type

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