Non-fungible token (NFT) games like "Axie Infinity" have been growing popular these days. Besides the loudest play-to-earn game, "My Defi Pet" is slowly climbing among the ranks of the crypto-based game.

Although it's still in beta at the moment, people can now start earning money through it. Its roadmap this 2021 looks promising for the fans, but what exactly is it?

What is 'My DeFi Pet'

According to Asia Crypto Today, it was only in May when "My DeFi Pet'' was introduced to the public through KardiaChain. The majority of the existing players of the game came from Southeast Asia.

Just like the blockchain game "Axie Infinity," "My DeFi Pet" makes use of NFT features. Just like the former, it also involves breeding, evolving, and battle mechanisms. The graphics share similarities with "Dragon City" since you can also breed monsters here.

What is 'My DeFi Pet Tokens'

If you have come across this game, the term token can also be called DPET. Through this currency, you can upgrade monsters, unlock other features, and buy-and-trade pets.

You can encounter DPET across many crypto transactions. Apart from that, the token can also be used to gain rewards.

How to Play and Earn in 'My DeFi Pet'

This play-to-earn game has simple gameplay. Through its official site,, you can start accessing this NFT game but make sure you already have a BSC wallet.

You can buy monsters through DPET. The mechanics look like "Farmville" since you are required to feed the monster with your crops. Since the game is still buggy at the moment, you could refrain from evolving your monsters due to technical issues.

In earning money through this game, you can first sell your tokens through crypto platforms. Another method is through breeding the monsters and looking for a potential buyer in the market.

The last one will be obtaining seasonal rewards, but for now, the play-to-earn feature of the game is not yet unlocked.

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'My DeFi Pet' Roadmap

According to the roadmap from, we could expect that the "My DeFi Pet" token will be available in Q4 2021. We can also see the addition of PvP battle, Campaign Mode, Daily Quest, Pet Expedition, and Endless Tower.

By the second quarter of next year, the lending of pets will now be allowed among all players. It's also the time that the official mobile app of the NFT game will be released. 

Moreover, expect to see a new PvP teaser, New UI and UX, sell cage feature, skill system for pets, social features, and banks for silver storage between Q3 and Q4 2021.

For now, here is a list of the 10 NFT coins that are used in the NFT games, such as "Axie Infinity," "CryptoBlades, "Splinterlands," "Gods Unchained," and more. 

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