COVID-19 vaccines are being given out left and right, but efforts seem to have hit a snag in British Columbia, Canada. 

According to a report by TNC News, BC officials have been criticized for sending unvaccinated individuals envelopes with windows on them, saying, "a COVID-19 vaccine has been reserved for you." Many critics are saying that this is a grave violation of the privacy of unvaccinated people because it allegedly violates patient detail confidentiality. 

The envelopes were sent under the Interior Health Authority (IHA) authority, who forwarded the mail to around 100,000 residents in British Columbia. As a result, many unvaccinated BC residents decried the lack of foresight, saying that their sensitive medical information has been revealed without their consent. 

One of those who received the envelopes was Keith McIntyre, the leader of the British Columbia Libertarian Party. McIntyre expressed concern about the way the envelopes were designed, saying that the privacy breach could result in "personal conflicts." 

Canada is among the many nations that have been struggling with new surges of COVID-19 infections, mainly due to the very contagious Delta variant

A recent report by CTV News stated that Canada is expecting a fourth wave of COVID-19 Delta infections, which experts say can only be stopped depending on how many people get vaccinated. There are also projections that allegedly say that the surge could also be a product of millions upon millions of still-unvaccinated people. 

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COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: How Bad Is It? 

A lot of people are still unvaccinated against COVID-19, which already poses a lot of problems on its own. Add vaccine hesitancy onto that, and it's a whole new issue that world governments have to deal with. 

The United States, for instance, is feeling the brunt of rising COVID-19 cases mainly perpetrated by the Delta variant. The CDC has said that this version of the virus is so easily transmissible, it's as contagious as Chicken Pox. But while vaccines do offer a good amount of protection against it, it seems like Delta is outrunning the vaccination efforts due to folks who are still unvaccinated. 

It has become bad enough that the Biden administration is telling individual States to offer a $100 vaccination incentive to those who get their shots, reports the BBC. So far, around half of American adults are fully vaccinated, which is still a long way from what's required to achieve herd immunity. 

Delta Is Not Slowing Down, But Vaccines Can Save Your Life   

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is no joke. In India (where the variant was first detected), the death toll has now topped 400,000, reports The Washington Post. So far, it has now reached over 90 countries and now comprises 80% of all new cases worldwide. 

But while vaccines don't offer foolproof protection against being infected, hospitalization or death via Delta is more or less prevented in fully vaccinated individuals. 

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