Saturn is going to be visible in the coming week to the home planet, Earth, and humans would have the chance to view its closest point. Here, sightseers and aspiring astronomers can see Saturn and its rings, something which they can do alone, with friends, or with loved ones under the dark and peaceful night. 

It remains an unknown factor as to how the universe was formed, but the Kepler Telescope has recently discovered how a planet forms surrounding a "young star." Particles like ice, hydrogen, dust and other components form and become something that orbits that ball of plasma, eventually, a planet.

Saturn Visible from Earth

According to EarthSky, Saturn will be visible from August 1 and 2 for humans to see, as it would be in the perfect position from the planet, and this is known as the "opposition." Apart from that this so-called "opposition" is when planets line up with each other, and in this case, the Earth will be right in the middle of the Sun and Saturn.

This only means that humans would have the chance to fully bask in the beauty of Saturn and its seven visible rings from afar (Saturn has more than seven rings when seen up close). This one is a treat for most stargazers, as it would be a rare sighting for a Saturn opposition, due to its slower move in orbiting the Sun.

Saturn would be at its brightest at the beginning of August, and its peak would be at August 1, 11:30 PM PT, and August 2, 2:30 AM ET. People on the West Coast would be fortunate as that would be the peak hours to view the planet at its brightest.

However, worry not, the planet may still be available for sightseeing for the entire month of August.

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How to Spot Saturn

Saturn would also be close to Jupiter and that would be the main reference point in spotting the planet with rings. The position of the ringed planet is just west of Jupiter, and users would only need to face that way to see the sixth planet. 

Telescope or Naked Eyes?

According to the Farmer's Almanac, Saturn is only visible when using a telescope, and this means that users need to bring out their equipment when they camp out for the night or proceed to a spot. 

Also, Saturn may be seen towards the west, and it would be between the constellation of Capricornus — the Sea Goat.

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