Leading stock media provider Shutterstock announced its strategic partnership with cloud solutions leader AWS Data Exchange — further boosting the recently launched Shutterstock.AI.

The Shutterstock.AI is a new initiative that employs artificial intelligence systems to generate solutions for the performance marketing and computer vision markets, made possible by Shutterstock acquiring multiple AI leaders Pattern89, Datasine, and Shotzr.

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Stock Data Access, Cloud Availability for Computer Vision Progress

Now, Shutterstock.AI makes its data available on the AWS Data Exchange, empowering organizations and customers — from budding tech startups to longstanding industrial giants — to train their respective computer vision models at scales with improved precision, accelerating the progress of their respective computer vision techs. Additionally, Shutterstock.AI will be lending its resources to help drive Amazon computer vision projects, such as the Amazon Rekognition — its automated metadata extraction system from media files, streamlining the use and adding of image and video resources.

"Customers need broad content sets and quality metadata to train computer vision models with confidence and efficiency," says AWS Data Exchange, Amazon Web Services Worldwide Head of Business Development Chris Casey. "Shutterstock.AI has one of the largest libraries of assets available in this space with notable variety and metadata. We're excited that AWS customers at every level of machine learning maturity can now innovate using Shutterstock.AI's data on AWS Data Exchange."  

The Shutterstock - AWS Data Exchange partnership begins with Shutterstock.AI offering training datasets to existing AWS customers. These datasets are collections of 3D models and images from Shutterstock.AI library — 400 million visual assets that include their metadata supported by both human and AI reviews. These include sorted datasets across different industry categories, curated to align with some of the most common applications requiring computer vision solutions for ecommerce, automotive, travel and tourism, and electronics.

Shutterstock CEO Stan Pavlovsky says: "Computer vision is a powerful new technology with huge growth potential." He also shares that they're looking forward to teaming up with AWS and together developing solutions that "support companies creating solutions for autonomous vehicles, real-time content moderation, and more," while at the same time, leverage AWS' capabilities to expand the market further.

Shutterstock.AI and AWS Data Exchange is looking to continuously expand its dataset selection in response to customer feedback. Shutterstock also looks to deliver additional value to the computer vision market, creating thought leadership for practitioners, conducting further studies, and developing additional products for more computer vision applications.

Lastly, Shutterstock.AI released a catalog for its solutions, and invites everyone to register for a webinar scheduled on August 5.

About Shutterstock

Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK) is a world leader in providing full-service solutions, high quality media content, and tools used by brands, businesses, and media entities everywhere. Directly and through its various subsidiaries, Shutterstock includes offerings for licensed photographs, vectors, videos, illustrations, 3D models, and music material. Together with its community of more than 1.8 million contributors, the Shutterstock platform adds hundreds of thousands of new material every week, with its library growing to host more than 380 million images and more than 22 million video clips.

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