SAGE, or the Scientific Advisory Group of Emergencies, has warned against the looming dangers of an emerging COVID-19 variant, and it would be deadlier than the Delta Variant. The group has also foreseen that its chances of mutation are highest when cases are at a critical, bringing danger to killing one out of three infected patients. 

The Delta Variant is now the most notorious strain of COVID-19 which has been spread out throughout the world, and people are already dying because of its infectious nature. 

The most comparable disease to the Delta Variant is the Chickenpox, as it can easily spread from person to person, but the scary thing here is that people may or may not know if they are infected.

SAGE Warns of Future Deadly COVID-19 Mutations

SAGE is an advisory group in the United Kingdom, and according to a report by Daily Mail, a recent paper by the said publication has warned of a future mutation of the COVID-19. The next variant was predicted to be more dangerous and deadly than the current conditions that people are experiencing. 

This might be the case of the unvaccinated mixing in with vaccinated, effectively killing the chance of developing herd immunity to soon have a safe and immune society against the SARS-CoV-2. 

UK's SAGE has created a study that looked at the different possibilities and future of COVID-19. It was regarded by the agency that it might be that this pandemic would hold out as long as it can, especially as the virus is progressive. 

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Worse than the Delta Variant

According to a research published by SAGE, the SARS-CoV-2's Delta Variant which came from India is incomparable to the upcoming mutations. COVID-19 is yet to face its worst, and people are already looking into returning to normal and lifting mask requirements.

However, nothing is established as of now, in terms of the vaccine's long-term effectiveness, human immunity and herd immunity, and other factors.

It is safe to say that the planet is not yet "out of the woods" with regards to COVID-19 and the plague it brought. 

COVID-19 Future Variants; High Chances of Mutation

COVID-19 was said to still have future variants, and it is due to the negligence of humans, as they avoid getting vaccinated and violate social quarantine rules which were imposed since the start. That has led to the cases failing to lower, and even the development of the mutation.

In SAGE's research, mutations may develop during critical or high points in a said case. And since the world is already experiencing a drastic infection on the Delta, it might be that mutations are acting up for another, more deadly virus. 

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