"Fornite" developer Epic Games is reportedly moving their widely popular battle royale game to a new engine.

According to a report by RealSport101, "Fortnite" will now be moving to Unreal Engine 5, which just entered Early Access mode back in May. The news was broken out by prominent "Fortnite" leaker HYPEX on Twitter, who also said that the game's alleged shift to the new engine means that mapmakers should now learn how to use the engine early in case modding support is announced:

The entire game might be moving if the rumor is true, but the leaker says all changes will feel way more in the creative modes than the main battle royale arena itself. Right now, "Fortnite" is using Unreal Engine 4. But the alleged move to Unreal Engine 5 isn't too out of character since Epic Games owns the engine itself.

Aside from the changes in the creative mode, industry sleuths are also expecting a wave of visual improvements that come with "Fortnite" moving to UE5. According to DualShockers, players might be able to expect graphical upgrades such as improved lighting, details, and more frames per second. But since the move is not yet confirmed, this is still up in the air until Epic Games issues a formal announcement.

As for when the change will happen, it will reportedly occur during "Fortnite" version 18.00, which is right during the transition to the game's 8th season. That's around September 12-14 of this year.

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'Fortnite' To Unreal Engine 5: BIG Changes Coming

So far, there is no official word yet from Epic Games as to why the popular battle royale game is moving to a new engine. The only speculation floats around, but they might be able to explain why.

Epic Games developed Unreal Engine and thus also owns UE5. That's the most obvious thing. They even acquired studios like RealityCapture to help them fully utilize the new engine for future games. But of course, that's not the end of it.

"Fortnite" switching to UE5 could mean way more than just graphical upgrades. While it's not suddenly going to look photorealistic (the game's visuals are stylized for a reason), owners of supported hardware could experience enhanced performance alongside better visuals.

Owners of AMD Ryzen CPUs and Radeon graphics cards are among the first to receive major benefits from using UE5. And since both the PS5 and Series X/S also feature AMD chips, owners of the consoles might also expect the performance enhancements down the line.

Other 'Fortnite' News: Superman & Suicide Squad Skins

The popular battle royale title is also receiving new rumored skins and a big-name anime crossover in time for Season 8

Superman & Suicide Squad skins have been reported to come to the game, according to Dexerto. Bloodsport will be the first Suicide Squad skin to drop onto the in-game store on August 3, followed by other characters such as Superman, whose skins still don't have exact release dates.

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