"Battlefield 2042" is a multiplayer-only game. But it apparently still has a story, which will be explained somewhere else.

The game's story is purportedly going to be featured in a standalone short film titled "Exodus," which is scheduled to premiere on Aug. 12, writes IGN. While it's worth noting that developer DICE is completely eliminating any single-player mode from the new "Battlefield" game, it looks like they haven't abandoned the game's story completely.

DICE made the official announcement via a teaser video on their Twitter, which will debut on the official "Battlefield" channel on YouTube:

According to DICE and Electronic Arts, the short film will let players "witness events that will lead to all-out war." Since "Battlefield 2042" is set in the future ravaged by World War 3, it makes a lot of sense. Also, the film will let players see the game's world through the eyes of a character named Kayvan Bechir, a journalist.

In the teaser that DICE posted, the No-Pats (Non-Patriated) group served as the focus, reports VG247. This faction makes up almost the entire fighting force of "Battlefield 2042's" multiplayer. As such, the film is expected to give players a preview of the maps they'll be wreaking havoc on when the game releases.

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'Battlefield 2042' And its Massive Changes

DICE and Electronic Arts are surely taking a different path with the new "Battlefield" series entry. The entire franchise has been known not just for the highly competitive first-person shooting action but also for their single-player campaigns, according to GameGrin.

With "Battlefield 2042," ditching the single-player storyline for an external, overarching narrative plays more into the business potential of an always-online, massively multiplayer game. Many gamers tend to buy a game like "Battlefield" solely for multiplayer anyway and rarely touch the single-player story unless it's extremely good.

Since the new "Battlefield" game is strictly multiplayer, fans can expect it to have the same mechanics that a lot of massively multiplayer titles have these days: expansive maps, extensive weapon customization, etc.

However, a specific game mode called "Battlefield Portal" has been making the rounds. A feature not present in previous games, the portal will enable players to bring maps, weapons, and even vehicles from past "Battlefield" titles to create and customize their own combat scenarios. According to the developers, the mode "is a love letter to fans and creators," and is definitely something new for the franchise as a whole.

Should You Be Excited?

The initial trailer reveals that "Battlefield 2042" was met with a fair amount of positivity and excitement. It stirred up a lot of anticipation, in fact, that many players jumped back into "Battlefield 4," as a way of "preparing" for 2042's release.

It still remains to be seen whether the hype for the game has any meat to it. For now, you'll have to wait and see. 2042 will launch on October 22 for both last-gen and next-gen consoles, as well as PC.

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