Smartwatches are being developed to track the "Circadian Rhythm," so that researchers and health experts would soon be able to detect physiological processes via wearable tech. 

It can help in detecting health and wellness benefits for a certain user, as well as looking into developing illnesses such as sleep disorders and the like.

For now, it is a feature that is under development from researchers, as they try to incorporate the technology into smartwatches, of different brands. Of course, it would not be limited to that of an Apple Watch, known to save lives, and is arguably the most popular one in the market. 

It is safe to say that Google and Samsung's WearOS would soon make a stand, bringing a new software feature for the company. 

Tracking Circadian Rhythms via Smartwatch

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According to Science Daily, sources from The University of Michigan are already looking into incorporating the tracking of Circadian Rhythms on modern smartwatches which people use. Through this, people can have the chance to get the most out of their wearable accessories and know more about the health and wellness of the body. 

Circadian Rhythms are known to be connected to the different physiological processes in one's body, and while it is highly related to sleep, it is not the only thing it monitors. 

According to NIH's National Institute of General Medicine Sciences, Circadian Rhythms are like body clocks, and it monitors the physical, mental, and behavioral changes of a person. 

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This being included in smartwatches can help in tracking a person's wellness better, and contribute to the overall health which they also track. 

Not Yet Available but Coming Soon

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To note, this technology is not yet available on smartwatches and the researcher's development, but is something which they aim to develop and create at the soonest time possible. Another benefit of tracking a circadian rhythm is that it helps in detecting any sleep disorders like Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, and more.

Some changes in the body, may it be little or significant, can have a massive effect on one's sleep. Everyone knows that sleep is an important factor as it rejuvenates the cells and rests them for another busy day ahead. 

Expanding energy and cells in the body requires an equal amount of intake, and one of the most effective methods is to sleep. 

Benefits of Circadian Rhythms

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Circadian Rhythm tracking or monitoring has a lot of benefits, and one of them is to help in detecting any illness or sleep disorders that would soon manifest or develop. It is important to see this early on, so people can have the chance to battle it and change their lifestyle, effectively preventing it from worsening or developing. 

This feature for smartwatches can also be included via software updates or new releases, especially if the researchers already finalize their work. For now, the world has got to wait on its completion, as lifestyle and wellness are also considered to be equally important as physical and mental health. 

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