Unvaccinated individuals are usually those who have medical complications or religions preventing them from getting COVID-19 vaccines. However, there are also some people who are just anti-vaxxers, especially those believing unproven theories about the coronavirus medicines.  

#Techtimeslifehack: Reasons Why Unvaccinated People Should Get COVID-19 Vaccines; Your Job Also At Risk
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If you are one of them, you might change your mind once you know these three reasons that could affect you financially. As of the moment, around 30% of the total residents in the United States are still unvaccinated. 

Because of these, CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), WHO (World Health Organization), and other international health agencies are now urging more people to approach vaccine centers and have COVID-19 vaccine jabs. 

They even added that those who are not yet vaccinated could also put people who already received one or two doses at risk. 

Reasons Why Unvaccinated People Should Get Vaccinated

According to Business Insider's latest report, there are several reasons why you should consider having a COVID-19 vaccine shot. Aside from being at risk of Delta and other new coronavirus variants, your financial status could also be affected. 

#Techtimeslifehack: Reasons Why Unvaccinated People Should Get COVID-19 Vaccines; Your Job Also At Risk
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Elisabeth Rosenthal and Glenn Kramon, health insurance experts, unvaccinated individuals could lose thousands of dollars in medical bills if they suffer from serious coronavirus symptoms. 

Aside from this, you might also lose your job since most companies and other agencies are now forcing their employees to get vaccinated. They would allow you to avoid getting a jab if you have long-term medical conditions. 

But, if you can't provide the proof, then you could lose your position. On the other hand, travel agency authorities might also soon require COVID-19 vaccine certificates if you are traveling from one country to another. 

If you are still unvaccinated by that time, you would not see your friends or relatives living in other regions.  

Delta Is Still Ravaging the US

US News reported that the new Delta variant is still affected the daily infected cases in the United States. Medical experts and government officials confirmed that around 40 to 50 infected cases appear in every 100,000 people.

These COVID-19 cases are usually happening in areas where vaccination rates are below 30%. 

"Unvaccinated people are actually benefiting from greater herd immunity protection in high vaccination counties compared to low vaccination ones," said Dr. Ricardo Franco, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 

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