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Windows 11 allows you to disable of apps that are not directly from the Microsoft Store. This feature can help you prevent downloading malware accidentally.

Windows 11 App Installation

After meeting all of the requirements need to download the Windows 11, you can begin installing apps from the Microsoft Store.

To allow apps from the Microsoft Store to be installed, open Windows Settings by clicking Windows+j on the keyboard. You can also right-click the Start button and choose "settings" from the menu.

As soon as the settings open, click "Apps" located in the sidebar and select "Apps & Features." Click the drop-down box that is labeled "Choose where to get apps."

In the menu, choose "The Microsoft Store Only." Once that is set, you can close the menu as the option takes effect immediately, according to The Verge. 

Check if Windows 11 is Working

You can run an installation file like .MSI file or .EXE to try it out. Windows 11 will prevent it from running, and a message indicating that the app is not Microsoft-verified will pop up. This is an excellent feature because it can prevent a novice from installing malware without realizing it.

You can also click "Get apps from Store", and the Microsoft Store will immediately open. You can search for a similar app to check if it is available. Android apps are also available for Windows 11.

Otherwise, if you change your mind and still want to install the file, click the "Change my app recommendation settings" link. You will be taken back to the Settings section.

Select "Apps" then click on "Apps & Features", and you can change "Choose where to get apps" to "Anywhere."

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Teams Chat App

Aside from choosing the apps to install on your PC, the Windows 11 taskbar also includes a chat feature that lets you send messages through Microsoft Teams.

The Chat icon is a taskbar that is a direct link to Microsoft Teams. To use it, you have to log in to the Teams app with a Microsoft account.

If you click the Chat icon, a small window will show up over the taskbar to reveal recent conversations. You can click the "Chat" button to start a new conversation.

To make it disappear, click the Chat button again or click outside the pop-up window. The interface is easy to operate.

You can also send files through the Chat app. If the files are text or Word, they are uploaded to OneDrive for collaborative editing, according to MSFT. 

The feature proves that Microsoft sees the new Windows 11 Chat app as a collaborative feature like Microsoft Teams, which already has several business-centric features like task management and scheduling.

As for video calls, users may get them eventually. According to How to Geek, Microsoft is still working on the feature for Windows 11 Chap app.

If you hover over the small video and audio call icons in the conversation view, it will show "Coming Soon."
Microsoft also stated that it plans to add quick access to audio and video calls through the Chat button pop-up, which could be very useful for a lot of users.

As soon as it is launched, the audio and video calls will function similarly to how the features work in Windows 10.

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