"Mario Golf: Super Rush" is getting a new free update as announced by Nintendo.

The new free update announced by Nintendo includes a new course and a new character as well as a new game mode.

Nintendo likewise said that more updates for "Mario Golf: Super Rush" will come later this year.

'Mario Golf: Super Rush' Free Update Details

"Mario Golf: Super Rush" is getting a free update, which has been announced by Nintendo via Twitter.

The free update includes improved motion control as well as three new additions that will delight fans of the "Mario" series game.

The first of the three additions is a new course, which is called New Donk City. A new character has also been introduced and it's none other than . In the clip included in the announcement, Toadette is seen with her Super Pickaxe tool.

Nintendo likewise announced a new game mode called Ranked Match. According to an article by Kohaku, the new game mode "will challenge players to improve their ranking across various modes each month while competing against similarly ranked players online."

What is 'Mario Golf: Super Rush?'

Mario Golf: Super Rush
(Photo : Screenshot taken from Mario Golf: Super Rush's website)

"Mario Golf: Super Rush" is a golf video game published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game was released on June 25, 2021. "Mario Golf: Super Rush" is the sixth game in the "Mario Golf" series.

Other titles in the "Mario Golf" series includes "NES Open Tournament Golf," "Mario Golf," "Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour," "Mario Golf: Advance Tour," and "Mario Golf: World Tour."

"Mario Golf: Super Rush" is one of the games Nintendo has in store for 2021. Previously, Nintendo promised new games for the current fiscal year.

The gameplay of "Mario Golf: Super Rush" follows that of an actual golf game, wherein the player has to get the golf ball with the fewest number of strokes possible.

Aside from the newly announced Ranked Match, the Nintendo game has other play styles and game modes available. These include Standard Golf, Speed Golf, Golf Adventure, Solo Challenge, and Battle Golf.

Speed Golf involves players racing in order to be the first one to sink their ball. Golf Adventure allows a player to enter golf training at a country club. Battle Golf features obstacles as players race to be the first to win three flags.

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'Mario Golf: Super Rush' Characters and Courses

Princess Peach in Mario Golf: Super Rush
(Photo : Screenshot taken from Mario Golf: Super Rush's website)

Toadette is the latest addition to the player characters of "Mario Golf: Super Rush.' Other playable characters include Mario, Luigi, Wario, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Boo, Pauline, Toad, and many more.

Each character has its own Special Shot and Special Dash.

As for available courses in the Nintendo game, already available options include the Rookie Course, Bonny Greens, Ridgerock Lake, Balmy Dunes, Wildweather Woods, and Super Golf Stadium.

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