Valve Steam Deck would be compatible with Windows 11, especially as the new computer operating system rolls out in the coming months after it got gamers worried. Windows 11's TPM 2.0 was a massive concern for the handheld gaming console's compatibility, as it had many prohibitions.

However, Valve already assured this with AMD, and both companies would ensure full compatibility of the device when connecting to PCs.

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Over the past weeks, Valve's Steam Deck has been one of the top talks of the town, especially as it recently launched a promising console that is like a miniaturized setup of a PC. It brings massive development to handheld gaming. 

Valve Steam Deck is Compatible with Windows 11

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Do not worry gamers, as Valve has made it clear that connecting its systems to a Microsoft PC, whether desktop or laptops, would be compatible. This would apply to the upcoming Windows 11 release in a few months, as gamers would configure their devices via PC. 

As reported by PC Gamer, Valve's Steam Deck would not have any problems with connecting to the latest operating system, once it is the standard on computers in the future. There have been massive concerns about a module called "Trusted Platform Module" or the TPM 2.0.

The Steam Deck has its operating system called the "SteamOS 3.0" and it is giving gamers a worry over its compatibility with Windows 11 that would have the TPM 2.0 upon launch.

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Valve and AMD Solve This Problem

Good thing is that Valve and AMD had already worked on this concern, and the partnership of both gaming-inclined companies would give way to solve this issue. For both companies, this is hardly an issue at all, as the Steam Deck is open to almost anything, and it would not be restricted by its components for a potential upgrade.

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It was known that AMD is the processor used by Valve in this device, and it would make way for making the Steam Deck into a more PC-inclined setup, as it can run Windows-exclusive games. 

Moreover, this device is known to bring a promising performance for gamers that would revolutionize handheld gaming, despite its small appearance. Valve is known to be tweaking the device's features so that it may suit more for gamer preference, including that of a 30fps option to save on battery.

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What is TPM 2.0

TPM 2.0 is something that Microsoft requires for every internal and hardware component that is to connect on a Windows 11 device. This is to ensure that only trusted devices would be included in the array of a PC setup and avoid any problems like malicious hardware injecting software into a system.

This would also minimize the compromise Windows would have, as unverified or untrusted devices connect to a Windows PC. 

For Valve Steam Deck, this was something both companies have worked on so that games would have no problems in accessing the handheld gaming, or even transform it into a Windows device.

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