"Battlefield 2042" kicked off its closed playtest recently, but it hit several snags which are far different from bad servers and lagging gameplay.

Since the playtest, several videos of the "Battlefield 2042" gameplay allegedly captured during the playtest leaked out on the internet. And this has gotten DICE and EA concerned enough to warn playtesters that they'll be banned from the final game if they break their NDAs, reports Eurogamer.

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EA and DICE made the "Battlefield 2042" playtest available for PC at first, eventually bringing Xbox consoles into the fold. Soon after, alleged footage of the game got posted on the internet, which EA rushed to take down as fast as they could.

EA Studios Europe lead community manager Adam Freeman took to Twitter to remind the playtesters about the terms of the "Battlefield 2042" playtest:

According to him, the participants in the "Battlefield 2042" playtest are under NDA because the event was invite-only. Furthermore, Freeman added that the game's codes for Xbox playtesters can't be given to others because the codes won't work.

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'Battlefield 2042' Leaks: Where Did They Come From?

There was much excitement when EA finally announced "Battlefield 2042" after months upon months of speculation. The excitement from fans continued when the official gameplay trailer was dropped, so it could be safe to say that the game has a lot of people hyped.

This is likely the only logical reason why "Battlefield 2042" gameplay footage from the playtest will be leaked. One of these leaked videos came from a Chinese playtester who first shared it on the Chinese video-sharing website Bilibili. VideoGamesChronicle wrote an article about it, reporting that the footage likely came from one of the six officials playtest sessions.

'It Will End Badly for You'

It's only natural that gamers are excited for EA and DICE's new shooter. But it seems like EA isn't playing around when it comes to going after these leaks.

Adam Freeman once again warned the playtesters that aside from possibly getting banned from the game's final release, leakers of the footage can have strikes placed on their channels.

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This makes sense since the event is invite-only. EA likely invited a lot of high-profile streamers and YouTube gamers to come to check the game out. Of course, keeping their rep is something that these people would want to do, which is why EA's planned punishments for leaking out footage of "Battlefield 2042" sounds harsh. However, that's not even seemingly the harshest part of it all.

If, for some reason, a playtester gives out their account information for other people to try the game out, Freeman gives this stern warning: "It will end badly for you. Super badly." While he didn't really explain what a bad thing it is, it could be safe to say that an invited playtester who does this (specifically if they have a large online following) could possibly face some legal action from EA.

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