Rengar rework is one of the most-awaited revamp heroes in the Summoner's Rift. For the past few months, "League of Legends" fans were asking Riot Games to release the new version of "The Pridestalker" since the champion is now being forgotten by many.

"We've read a lot of your thoughts about how Rengar could feel a lot better so we're putting some changes on PBE for you all to test out and give feedback on!" said Phlox, one of the lead developers of Riot Games.

He added that their current goal is to lessen pain points to open the Rengar jungle once again. Phlox added that they would also allow low elo players to access him in various "League of Legends" matches.

His latest tweet generated more than 1,580 likes, 180 quiet tweets, and 160 retweets. In the comment section, many players agreed regarding the upcoming Rengar revamp. However, there were also some gamers who don't want to have him changed by Riot Games.

Rengar Rework To Arrive on 'LoL' Season 11

Ever since Riot Games decided to release new items and other in-game updates in "League of Legends" Season 11, players found it hard to use Rengar since he could easily be countered using certain weapons, as well as newly released heroes.

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However, Dot Esports reported that The Pridestalker could be back in "LoL" Jungle Meta since most of his skills would be buffed. To give you more idea, the following ability changes are the ones you should expect from Riot Games:

E: Bola Strike (Last Skill)

  • Reveals enemies for 2 seconds
  • No cast time when leaping

W: Battle Roar (Second Skill)

  • Empowered: Deals bonus magic damage and additionally heals Rengar, increased by 50% for each champion or large monster hit beyond the first.
  • Base: Rengar roars, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and granting armor and magic resist, increased by 50% for each champion or large monster hit beyond the first.

But, the most exciting enhancement would be Rengar's ability to cast his skills before going stealth mode. The current version of this jungler doesn't allow that, which forces players to think more before they use his Bola Strike.

Riot Games Could Also Revamp Lucian

Aside from Rengar The Pride Stalker, Riot Games is also planning to release a rework version of Lucian, as reported by Team AAA

Lucian is one of the most agile ADRs in the Summoner's Rift. Because of his dashing and massive damage-dealing abilities, he is usually picked in international tournaments. 

However, Riot Games hasn't confirmed if the Lucian rework would buff or nerf his gameplay.

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