"Dead by Daylight is bringing "Pinhead" from the popular film series called "Hellraiser," which is known as one of the pinnacles of British horror and thriller movies. The pop culture icon is known for its garish look and ominous personality, which is coming to add another twist and spook for the popular survival horror game. 

The latest crossover and addition to "Dead by Daylight's" gameplay was another top hit survival video game, "Resident Evil," which brought its famous monsters to haunt the game.

Now, "Dead by Daylight" is on its Chapter 2, and it promises a new killer or monster on the loose, but initial rumors have circled on "Five Nights at Freddy's" and its merry band of haunted dolls. 

'Dead by Daylight': Redditors Discover Pinhead to Arrive

A lot of teasers have been circulating online, and several Redditors have been in the works to decode the hidden message as seen on "Dead by Daylight's" teaser video. The video released by the game has not so many details on its content if users are not that familiar with the horror film series "Hellraiser." 

The VHS and static television can be mistaken for a lot of things, hence people thinking it would be related to "Five Nights at Freddy's." However, it was discovered by these Redditors that it would not be the horror mobile game. 

Users who were in "Dead by Daylight's" Discord channel has been given cryptic audio and photo files that show "H-E-L-L" on its screens, hinting at the 1987 movie. 

The teaser by the game released last week has also shown several indications that it is the movie, having the "19.87" as its time code or date on the upper left corner. 

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Who is 'Pinhead', What is 'Hellraiser'

Hellraiser's Pinhead
(Photo : Retro BioGrafen via YouTube Screenshot)

A Chinese user has discovered it was indeed "Hellraiser" as it was the file name of the video when it was uploaded to their social media platform. This confirms the speculations and rumors that surround "Dead by Daylight," "Five Nights at Freddy's," and "Hellraiser" to be added into the game. 

With those unfamiliar with the horror pop culture icon, "Pinhead," this originates originates date back to 1987 when it was released as a film entitled "Hellraiser." This was written and directed by Clive Barker, and is a part of his novella called "The Hellbound Heart."

The film series currently has 10 releases that follow the original storyline by Barker, with the most recent feature in 2018. 

Pinhead in 'Dead by Daylight'

Certainly, Pinhead would bring a horrific presence in "Dead by Daylight," where it would bring people in the lore of "Hellraiser" as he searches for new human sacrifices to make himself new and whole. 

The demonic entity is known for having two lackeys that were disfigured to have the neo-horror look and helps him capture the victims. It is unknown if these two will join Pinhead, as he heads to "Dead by Daylight."

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