The Best VR Workout Games for the Oculus Quest may be just what you need to up your fitness and health at home, without having to follow the same routine video over and over again. Getting entertained while exercising can significantly help in reducing the burden of your everyday workout. 

And no offense to YouTubers with workout content like Chloe Ting, but sometimes, it gets boring and routinary in following what workout they recommend. 

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Best VR Workout Games in Oculus Quest

That being said, Tech Times has selected five games that can be your alternative workout partner, and enjoy the process of getting fit and healthy. Note that these titles need to be purchased like regular games. 

But do not worry, this guide will help you understand the differences and features of these games, to select the proper VR Workout game for you and your fitness needs. 


(Photo : FitXR via Oculus)

"FitXR" is a workout game that focuses mostly on getting fit and healthy, with the game being known as one of the most popular VR games centered for exercises in Oculus. Users can invite friends in its multiplayer features, as well as select different workouts that would suit one's preferences and discipline. 

Workouts range from Boxing, Dance, Cardio, and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). What the FitXR app boasts of is its "fresh music" from popular DJs such as Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and more, which focuses on giving the "juice" or motivation to their exercises.

[UPDATE: Price: $29.99; Current price is now $9.99 per month]   

Dance Central

Dance Central
(Photo : Dance Central via Oculus)

"Dance Central" is not marketed as a "workout game" but more of a fitness and lifestyle experience that focuses on dancing to the different genres and categories. It focuses on a "club" experience, where users get to compete and dance their hearts out to get a high score and beat the top charts. 

Here, a fitness tracker can be connected and it could record a person's mileage within the app. It is great for workouts and an alternative for the usual exercises. 

Price: $29.99


(Photo : Holopoint via Steam)

A VR game that puts gamers in the shoes of archers and fighting against waves of enemy ninjas and warriors, does not sound like a workout game. However, "Holopoint" is a different experience, and it would get users up on their feet and start sweating like there is no tomorrow. 

The developers have made sure that it would give people the right amount of adrenaline rush when the going gets tough, and fight against the seemingly endless horde of enemies rushing to eliminate you. 

Price: $14.99


(Photo : OhShape via Oculus)

Get into the rhythm while getting fit, and that is what "OhShape" is all about, especially with the content it has to offer for users to get into exercising. 

If you want an experience that would have you sweating and active in no time, but not necessarily tiring you out immediately with its hip content, then this VR game might be the one for you.

Price: $19.99


(Photo : VRWorkout)

No special words for this, as "VRWorkout" gets straight into the action, as it brings the gym equipment you do not have at home, to one's virtual space. Go to the gym without actually going to the gym and be coached by the best workouts curated for this specific experience. 

Price: Free

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