Sony PlayStation has apparently already revealed their next-gen PlayStation VR headset to developers in a so-called "secret summit."

According to a report by The Independent, the summit was a behind-closed-doors developers' conference held in an undisclosed location as of yet. In there, the new generation of the PSVR headset was revealed in detail, alongside how Sony PlayStation plans to release games on its platform.

Aside from this, Sony PlayStation also allegedly told developers at the conference that future games on the new PSVR system will be released in hybrid form. What this means is that the titles will be playable either on the headset or a traditional display, like a TV.

It's worth noting that Sony PlayStation themselves haven't commented much on the next-gen VR headset for their consoles recently. In a report by TechSpot, the company said in 2020 that the next version of PSVR was still "years away." But if the secret summit rumor is true, fans might be able to expect an official announcement soon.

But if Sony's "years away" comment would be the one that's accurate, then it's more or less in line with what they did during the previous generation. PlayStation VR was first introduced for the PS4 in 2016, roughly three years after the console's initial release. The PS5 hasn't been in the market for an entire year yet.

However, rumors concerning the next-gen PSVR actually popped up as early as June of 2020. Back then, Sony filed a patent which industry sleuths say could be for PlayStation VR 2. Though it was never really confirmed.

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Sony PlayStation VR 2: What Can Fans Expect?

A lot of rumors have been swirling around the next iteration of PlayStation VR. And if they're real, then gamers are in for a world of fun.

The specs of the new virtual reality system are shaping up to be quite amazing. With an alleged 2022 launch date, PSVR 2 is going to feature 4K OLED, two different controllers in the box, flexible scaling resolution or FSR (not to be confused with AMD's FSR supersampling tech), as well as eye-tracking tech and foveated rendering. These specs were shared by a Twitter page called PS5Only:

From these specs alone, it looks like next-gen Sony PlayStation VR is going to be a beast. But that's not where the excitement ends. If you could tell from the tweet, PS5Only also says that Sony will be focusing on bringing AAA games to the headset and will forgo making separate VR experiences. This is MASSIVE news since it means the games you'll be able to play on the new PSVR headset will be playable even outside virtual reality.

With the sheer hardware capacity of the PS5, the next-gen PSVR is expected to elevate the gaming experience with the console fully. Until then, let's all wait for Sony's official reveal.

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