Xbox series X restocks in the UK are getting harder to obtain following the shift in people's demands. While many people still prefer the PS5, some still want to pursue the next-gen Xbox console.

Of course, others might want to settle for an Xbox series S since it is cheaper and easier to get. On top of that, the Xbox Series X remains to be in higher demand compared to the more inferior gaming console.

For those who want to have a shot in this new-gen console, expect that some UK stores could unveil their availability to drop Xbox series X soon. For that part, let's know some retailers that could likely release stocks this week.

Where to Go For the Next Xbox Series X Restock

Xbox Series X Restock in the UK: Latest Console News From Amazon, Currys, Very, and MORE Retailers
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Here are the possible retailers that could drop Xbox Series X this week in the UK.

John Lewis Xbox Series X Restock

Unfortunately, restocks of the next-gen console at John Lewis & Partners were nowhere to be found. It was in June when it last announced its stocks. In the previous months, we also saw that it dropped some consoles, but apparently, they always went out fast.

If you are planning to visit this store, make sure that you are always early on its website. We suggest that you need to get there as early as 7 AM so you won't regret the long queue later.

AO Xbox Series X Restock

If you visit AO's page, you will only see a reminder that the Xbox Series X is currently "OUT OF STOCK." If you go again to the site, you will notice that there is a conspicuous sign "BACK IN STOCK SOON."

We do not know when this "SOON" will happen, but it's better to be prepared for the upcoming restocks that will drop in the future.

Very Xbox Series X Restock

According to a report by The Independent, Very's Xbox Series X restocks occurred last July 20. At that time, the buyers were instructed if they want to go with bundled options that feature an Xbox controller and a Game Pass.

Currently, this UK store has some stocks for Xbox Series S. If you are not in a hurry, you might want to pursue this "lesser" Xbox console.

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Amazon Xbox Series X Restock

Amazon has a history of replenishing stocks in surprise. Like any other retailers, Xbox Series X consoles here could not last for long since they quickly go out of stock in a matter of seconds.

For Amazon buyers, make sure you have already a Prime account before making a purchase of the Xbox console. We recommend that users should also utilize Amazon Smile. On this site, only a few people stay there so you have a bigger chance to obtain the next-gen console.

Smyth Toys Xbox Series X Restock

This week, we saw that Smyths dropping consoles by batches. This week, we are expecting that more of them will come.

Last time, we saw some Xbox Series X restocks available in Irish stores. Unfortunately, the Xbox consoles cannot be delivered to the UK.

Currys Xbox Series X Restock

Currys PC World has been quiet for some time, but this week, we could expect some restocks from the shop.  

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