The SpaceX Starship has a low center of mass, and it is something that is a must for the spacecraft as it brings a massive purpose to the landing maneuver. On the other hand, Elon Musk revealed that there were several tweaks on Starship's nose flaps, saying that it would be different from the previous vlogs that were made there for aerodynamics purposes.

Earlier this August, Musk, and SpaceX have attempted to fully stack their Starship atop the Super Heavy Booster rocket, which put up an enormous spacecraft standing at 120 meters tall.

SpaceX Starship has a Low Center of Mass for Reentry

Elon Musk Confirms SpaceX Starship's First Orbital Test Flight as He Shares Rocket's Photos
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The SpaceX Starship has a low center of mass, and its purpose is for the re-entry of the spacecraft after its future missions on space. This was something that was explained by the SpaceX CEO via Twitter, as a video on social media showed how an object does not fall or tip over, as it keeps the gravity or mass at its center.

Musk said that this feature is needed specifically for re-entry or landing purposes, and this is something which would be needed a lot, as the Starship is known for its reusable features.

Moreover, it would not have any water or dessert landing as it would be intended for Boca Chica's launch facility, where it has a specific landing area.

The low center of mass means that an object would have more balance, and the more balance it has, the easier it would be to control and not get thrown away by any force or winds. 

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Starship Tweaks Aero Nose Flaps

On the other hand, the billionaire CEO has replied to Everyday Astronaut, and here he said that the Starship would have an "aero tweak" to its nose flaps for better usage of the movement arm.

The vlog of Everyday Astronaut, uses the old design, and this is what the CEO has clarified, especially as it would slightly change on other videos or photos taken, with people being confused.

Another fan has provided a render of what Musk was trying to say or explain, with the nose flaps having moved further towards the top, and is apart by ~120 degrees. The multi-tech CEO explained that it would be close to what he was already saying, and what SpaceX is trying to achieve.

The aero tweak is something that would be a massive technical concern for SpaceX, especially as it would face a lot of winds as it flies away from the surface and back at it.

SpaceX Starship to Focus on Achieving First Flight

With all of these tweaks and improvements, what SpaceX Starship is trying to achieve is its first flight or test run. Of course, the main purpose of the spacecraft is to do its mission and reach Mars, as the first rocket from Earth to do so.

That being said, Musk said that its Starship would already be ready for a Moon mission, even before the 2024 Artemis project by NASA. Initially, it was regarded that the 2024 launch would be moved further back because of tweaks and its spacesuit problems.

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