SpaceX has fully-stacked its Starship and Super Heavy earlier today, and it has been a massive spectacle for the audience and the fans that have seen it online. Now, it stands at 120 meters, or almost 400 feet tall, and is the tallest rocket in existence.

Fully-Stacked Starship
(Photo : Elon Musk via Twitter)

This gigantic Starship is one step closer to its goal to make life multi-planetary, as what Elon Musk aims for.

Last August 6, Musk and his team were hesitant for the Starship and Super Heavy's capability to get stacked, as high winds were threatening it to stand alone.

Mechazilla is not yet operational and was not used in this venture, as the stacking only needs the Starship to get atop the rocket.

SpaceX Fully Stacks the Starship and Super Heavy

SpaceX has "Fully-Stacked" the Starship and Super Heavy earlier today, and it has driven the internet to celebrate the feat of the company, as it is one of the most awaited events from the company.

The initial news of the full-stack said that it should have been done in July, but there has been a lot happening in the company like assembling the rocket's engine and more.

Musk and SpaceX have done it, and both came a long way from this, especially as the Starship have gone time and time again to perfect its landing. Now, the SN15 deserves its rightful place, crowned top the massive Super Heavy Booster.

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How Tall is the Fully-Stacked Starship

In case you are wondering, the Fully-Stacked Starship and Super Heavy Booster stands at 120-meters tall or 393 feet. It is the tallest rocketship on the planet right now, and according to Chris Bergin a.k.a. NASA Spaceflight, it even surpasses the height of the Saturn V, Falcon Heavy, and SLS Block 1.

The height of the Starship has a subtle reference to the length it is trying to achieve, and that is towards the Red Planet, Mars.

People Celebrates with SpaceX on Full-Stacking

Everyday Astronaut also revealed the size of the crowd present at Starship's full-stacking event, and space fans have gathered to witness history unfold as the spacecraft stack atop each other.

This only shows that people are inclined to the modern marvels of technology now, one which made the spacecraft famous, along with SpaceX.

Multi-Planetary Life is Coming

In another tweet, Elon Musk said that people have waited a "long time" for the human race to promote "multi-planetary life." And with SpaceX's fully-stacked Starship, it is one step closer to its goal of heading to the Red Planet of Mars.

One of Musk's greatest goals is to "make humanity a multi-planetary species," and that could be soon achieved thanks to the full-stacked Starship, nearing its upcoming tests and launches.

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