Epic Games Store Self-Publishing Beta | Everything You Need to Know
(Photo : Image from Epic Games Store) Epic Games Store Self-Publishing Beta | Everything You Need to Know

Epic Games Store has just announced its self-publishing beta! The new self-publishing beta will be opened for the Epic Games Store game developers and publishers.

Epic Games Store Self-Publishing Beta

According to the story by BleedingCool, this is going to be the official beginning of getting the EGS to where Steam currently is where different independent game devs will be able to publish their work on the platform without the need to go through the lengthy process with yet another publisher.

The new beta would offer up new tools to help the whole streamlining of the process for developers to set up their very own product pages and adding achievements, offers, pricing, and even upload builds and updates.

In order to learn more about the Epic Games self-publishing beta, more information can be found on the Epic Games FAQ.

Developer Portal Publishing Tools

The new Epic Games Store publishing tools are a suite of new tools within the new Developer Portal for developers to be able to set up their very own product pages, pricing, achievements, offers, builds, and also updates on the official Epic Games Store.

This is for developers to be able to publish without much dependence on the official Epic Games Store team.

Epic Games noted that the closed beta test is in order for them to be able to stress test the toolset and be able to improve it with the help of developers' feedback.

This will reportedly be done while increasing the total number of games and apps on the Epic Games Store.

This is the very first step towards opening up the store in order for all developers to submit products.

Epic Games Store Closed Beta

All publishers and developers can finally submit their products for consideration in the Epic Games Store closed beta.

The store will select new participants on a certain case-by-case basis. However, games that are VR only as well as non-game products are still not yet eligible to be included.

Existing EGS publishers and developers should also contact their own Business Development Manager in order to discuss their participation.

Games that have multiplayer functionality should support crossplay across all other PC storefronts.

Meanwhile, the messy feud between Epic Games and Apple is still continuing up to today.

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Product Details Page

This is due to customers expecting to be able to connect with their own friends on the exact same platform, and breaking this particular expectation would lead towards a poor customer experience.

Users are free to use any particular solution for crossplay, third-party systems that aren't locked to a certain store, and the free Epic Online Services.

All products that are reportedly published on the Epic Games Store should run, launch, and also be consistent with the given product description that is presented to users through the Product Details Page or PDP.

Another huge question being asked now is if Google will really buy Epic Games or not?

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