Google and other tech giant manufacturers have been in continuous competition to attract more consumers and generate high revenues. Now, the search engine giant is allegedly trying to stop its competition against Epic Games to protect Google Play Store. 

Google's Alleged Epic Games Acquisition Could Happen To Prevent Competition Against Play Store—Game Publisher Not Aware?
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A woman works on her computer as on the wall behind is seen the logo of web search engine Google at Frankfurt's international book fair, on 23 October 2005, the fair's last day. South Korea is the guest of honour at the 57th annual Frankfurt Book Fair and has brought out 62 authors to Germany to introduce them to the western public.

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However, the rumored plan of the giant tech firm is quite different from other companies, which are usually ending their rivalry with partnerships. Based on a leaked document of the search engine giant, Google allegedly considers buying Epic Games to completely shut down its efforts to sidestep the popular Play Store. 

The speculations began appearing after Google decided to stop changing its files during the antitrust case against Epic, which started back in 2020. On the other hand, the two companies' issue arose after the giant tech firm removed one of the title publisher's popular games, "Fortnite," from its official app platform. 

"Google has gone so far as to share its monopoly profits with business partners to secure their agreement to fence out the competition," said Epic Games. 

Google Plans To Purchase Epic Games? 

According to NME's latest report, Epic Games believe that the giant search engine has developed a series of internal projects to address the game publisher's efforts in the market competition. 

Google's Alleged Epic Games Acquisition Could Happen To Prevent Competition Against Play Store—Game Publisher Not Aware?

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This illustration picture shows the logo from Epic Games displayed on a laptop and an Apple Logo on an iPhone in Arlington, Virginia on April 30, 2021. - In a court clash with potentially huge repercussions for the world of mobile tech, Fortnite maker Epic Games takes on Apple starting on May 3, 2021, aiming to break the grip of the iPhone maker on its online marketplace.

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However, speculations claimed that the giant title developer is still unaware of the possible intentions of Google to purchase it. Since the issue is now becoming more serious than ever, Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney decided to release his response. 

Epic Games' boss explained that he and the company still don't acknowledge the intentions of their giant tech competitor. He added that they would prevent the acquisition, whether a proper negotiation or a hostile takeover attempt. 

This just shows that the title publisher doesn't want to be owned by Google LLC. As of the moment, the case between the two companies is still ongoing.  

Google Offers Epic To Return 'Fortnite' 

The Verge reported that although the feud between Google and Epic Games is serious, the search engine giant still offered the title creator a special deal. 

Google said it could bring back "Fortnite" in Play Store, but players could only install it via direct download. However, the gaming company said that direct installation could still lead to a negative user experience.

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