GTA Remastered Trilogy Confirmed | Any Sign of GTA VI?
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"Grand Theft Auto" remastered trilogy could have been confirmed to be on the way! A new report is claiming that an upcoming "Grand Theft Auto" remastered trilogy is finally on the way for a number of platforms! This includes the Nintendo Switch and the games will be reportedly due this fall! Any sign of GTA VI?

'Grand Theft Auto' Remastered Trilogy

The news comes through Kotaku, which reported that it has actually learned from sources that the company, Rockstar Games, is remastering "GTA 3," "Vice City," and one of the most popular "San Andreas!" Each game will reportedly be remastered on Unreal Engine!

The games will feature a full mix of "new and old graphics" according to the report. The report notes that Rockstar's Scottish branch, the Rockstar Dundee, is currently leading the project as well as also working along with the wider Rockstar company in order to help develop the "GTA 5" PS5 and "GTA 5" Xbox Series X|S versions of the game scheduled for late 2021.

Remastered 'GTA' Games

There were reportedly rumords of a remastered trilogy that have been going on for years. The rumores have even gained more traction when Rockstar decided to use DMCA takedowns in order to remove fan remasters. A previous "Vice City" unofficial port for Nintendo Switch has already existed and now, gamers are going to get the official version!

A Kotaku source even told the publication that they themselves have seen footage of the remasters that were running. It was noted that the graphics actually reminded them of something like a heavily-modded version of a more classic "GTA" game.

'GTA' Remastered to Stick to Classics

According to the story by IGN, the UI is also being remastered for every single game as well, although both the classic style as well as the design of the game will still remain the same. Kotaku notes that these titles are still hoping to "stay tune" to the original PS2 era of the "GTA" games as much as they possibly can.

Kotaku also notes that these remasters were originally going to come packaged along with the next-gen ports of "GTA V" as well as "GTA Online" as some sort of bonus. This, however, changed and the trilogy is reportedly going to be its very own standalone package that is set to be released soon.

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'GTA' Remastered Trilogy for Multiple Consoles

As of the moment, the remastered trilogy is due this coming Fall at around late October or maybe even early November, Kotaku notes. The trilogy will reportedly be released on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series  X|S, PS5, and of course, PC, Stadia, mobile devices, and even on the Nintendo Switch.

Kotaku reportedly states that the console ports are now being prioritized and that the PC as well as the mobile ports could be released some time next year as a result. As of the moment, no official news of whether "GTA VI" is coming or if it is even in works. Fans will just have to wait and see what Rockstar Games is planning to do.

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