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NASA announced on Aug. 22 that it has plans to launch another cargo to the International Space Station or ISS.

The space agency detailed the launch date and time of the mission and how the public can watch the event at home.

As with the previous launches, the space agency plans to have a live broadcast about the mission so that people can watch it.

NASA to Launch Another Cargo

According to NASA, SpaceX will launch the next cargo mission to the International Space Station on Aug. 28.

If there are no weather issues or other complications, the cargo launch will take place at 3:37 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, making it very early for many people to tune in live.

If you don't mind the time, you will have the chance to see the launch on NASA TV with the broadcast starting at 3:15 A.M. Eastern Standard Time.

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The cargo launch will happen at the Kennedy Space Center at Launch Complex 39A, with the space agency will ship a variety of goods to the astronauts stationed on the ISS.

Aside from the supplies and additional equipment, the cargo will also contain several scientific experiments like a robotic arm, grape seed, and skin metabolites.

The cargo will also have several Girl Scout experiments. Some of them are projects involving shrimp, ants, and plants. If the launch occurs at the scheduled time, the SpaceX Dragon will dock with the ISS on Aug. 23.

NASA also confirmed that the cargo will include a 3D Printing Simulation so astronauts can build materials via 3D printing.

NASA stated that the SpaceX Dragon vessel would remain docked with the space station for a month before it returns to Earth.

If you wish to watch the launch broadcast live, you can tune in to NASA TV at 3:15 A.M. Eastern Standard Time on Aug. 28.

You can also find NASA's broadcast on its media website, including a viewing guide with times and dates for the programming.

Disposing ISS

The announcement about launching another cargo to the ISS came after the United Press International reported that the space agency is trying to find a way to dispose of the ISS.

No one knows when the aging orbital outpost's end will happen. In 2019, a NASA safety panel approved a plan to have two Progress spacecraft from Russia drag the ISS into the Earth's atmosphere.

Once it is in the atmosphere, it will immediately turn into a flaming ball of molten metal and other types of material.

The only issue is that Russia confirmed that it would abandon the ISS by 2024. Despite the approval of the safety panel, NASA and its partners have to commit to the plan first.

NASA is still working with its partners to make sure that the deorbiting of the station is done safely. They are also considering numerous options, according to

Leah Cheshier, NASA's spokeswoman, stated that the topic about the station's death is still negotiation-sensitive at this time. This means that NASA has not made up its mind on how to discontinue the ISS yet.

NASA and Russia launched the station in 1998. The station is supposed to have at least 30 years, which means that it only has seven years left before it expires.

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