WHO (World Health Organization) announced that it would continue the study of its COVID-19 origin. Because of this, China already advised the international health agency to focus on other countries.  

WHO To Continue Its COVID-19 Origins Study, But China Says Agency Should NOT Only Focus on the Asian Country
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The Asian country reiterated that there are also earlier human and animal infections outside China, even before the massive Wuhan outbreak began.

The WHO-convened joint expert team side's team leader, Liang Wannian, explained that the next phase of the current COVID-19 origins study should be conducted in multiple countries across the world. 

He explained that aside from the bat infection, which was first discovered in China, various medical experts also confirmed that there are also other animal infections in other nations. 

These include horseshoe bats and pangolins. He announced his proposal after various medical researchers said that there were earlier animal infection cases in the United States and Italy. 

WHO To Continue COVID-19 Origins Study

According to Global Times' latest report, the World Health Organization confirmed that it is already observing a number of countries. WHO added that these nations have SARS-CoV-2 infections way back in 2019. 

WHO To Continue Its COVID-19 Origins Study, But China Says Agency Should NOT Only Focus on the Asian Country

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In this picture taken on April 29, 2020, an engineer works at the Quality Control Laboratory on an experimental vaccine for the COVID-19 coronavirus at the Sinovac Biotech facilities in Beijing. - Sinovac Biotech, which is conducting one of the four clinical trials that have been authorised in China, has claimed great progress in its research and promising results among monkeys.

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On the other hand, the health department said that it published a study suggesting that Italy already has asymptomatic COVID-19 infections before the first patient was identified in China. 

This study of WHO was released back in 2020 by the National Cancer Institute in Milan, revealing that COVID-19 antibodies were detected in around 111 out of 959 patients, who participated in a lung cancer screening trial. 

As of the moment, new studies appear, saying that China is not the origin of COVID-19. This is also why WHO, CDC, and other international health agencies should conduct more detailed research. 

In other news, the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is about to get its most-awaited FDA approval. Meanwhile, monoclonal antibodies are now being considered as an additional treatment against the novel coronavirus.  

WHO Wants Other Countries To Join COVID-19 Origins Study

KUTV reported that before WHO starts its COVID-19 origins study's next phase, the international agency is asking other medical groups from different countries to join the research. 

On the other hand, the UN health said that once the new advisory group is created, involved medical experts should provide their independent analysis to WHO. 

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