"WWE 2K22" is delayed, and it is because of massive controversies behind the game's developer and franchise owner, 2K Sports, and WWE. The World Wrestling Entertainment is known for its aggressive tactics and differences with its athletes, having a lot of controversies in the past year about its management. 

Last year, WWE CEO Vince MacMahon has shut down the Twitch accounts of its wrestlers under the contract of the company. This is because they are legally bound not to have any other platforms where they could use to profit, apart from the WWE wrestling competitions. 

'WWE 2K22' Delay

WWE 2K22 Delay
(Photo : WWE 2K20 via Steam)

The "WWE 2K22" will see a delay, and this was according to Sports Gamers Online, which has followed the controversy of the game developers and the franchise owners. 

WWE is known for its globally popular wrestling matches which have given birth to the popularity of known figures like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, John Cena, Dave Bautista a.k.a. "Batista," and many more. This has been one of the stellar reasons why it has a game, which is under the 2K Sports company.

Sports Gamers Online said that it is because WWE and 2K Sports have a conflict that has affected the delivery of the game, and the content it is trying to bring. Ultimately, the "WWE 2K22" will be released by March 2022 due to this demand. 

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WWE and 2K Sports Have Massive Conflict

WWE 2K22 Delay
(Photo : WWE 2K20 via Steam)

The recently concluded WWE SummerSlam 2021 has debuted the announcement of 2K Sports for the game's delay, and this is because of WWE. 

The entertainment company was said to be demanding a better quality game that gives more than what users expect of the latest franchise. It is known the 2K Sports scan the personalities from scratch, so it can add players and update their signature moves. 

WWE has allegedly said that it was disappointed with 2K Sports' "WWE 2K21" which was launched last October 2020 and faced a mixed reception from fans. It was said that WWE faced a significant loss for the game's release. The game was eventually cancelled. 

Will 'WWE 2K22' Get Cancelled?

There is a possibility that 2K Sports would cancel its project with WWE, and vice versa if certain conditions are not met by either of these companies. Of course, it would eventually boil down to their decisions, particularly because it is a massive venture for them to accomplish. 

People would have to tune in to the announcement of 2K sports, which have a lot of tie-ins with popular gaming franchises like the NFL, NBA, and more. 

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