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"Dead by Daylight" is set to release a new character in September. Hellraiser's Pinhead, also known as the Cenobite, will be joining the lineup.

"Dead by Daylight's" New Character

The Cenobite features new abilities and perks that players may need assistance to get used to. Even though players may take time to learn the abilities of the Cenobite, the upcoming character can be one of the most adept at enticing players to be glued to the game.

The Cenobite's abilities and perks allow him to traverse the map fast in order to trap survivors effectively.

"Dead by Daylight" will feature Pinhead's Hex: Plaything, Deadlock, and Scourge Hook skills. The killer can frustrate survivors with curses and several obstacles, especially when combined with the killer's powers, according to GameRant. 

"Dead by Daylight's" Character Skills

Deadlock blocks the generator with the most progress for at least 20 seconds after another generator is fixed. Players can use this ability to track a generator that is well repaired.

The survivors will return to the generator after the 20 seconds is up, so you can use this time to attack the survivors.

The Hex: Plaything ability puts curses on the first survivor that it detects, immediately activating a totem. The survivors become oblivious to it until they need to clean the totem. This ability allows the Cenobite to find panicked players and attack them when the opportunity is right.

Meanwhile, the Scourge Hook: Gift Pain ability affects up to four different hooks at the beginning of the match.

Once the survivors are unhooked, they will immediately suffer from a hemorrhage, and they will be mangled until they are fully healed. Survivors that are unhooked will suffer from a 7% penalty for the healing and repair actions. It will make them a target for team healing, according to GameSpot.

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Using Pinhead's Perks and Abilities Effectively

The main power of the Cenobite in the game is called Summons of Pains. It creates a portal that shoots out Cenobite's chain. Players can control the chain and use it to trap their enemies.

Survivors, on the other hand, will become slower, and they can't spring while they are trapped. Players can use the chain to close the gap toward a survivor faster. The portal does not teleport as effectively as the Nurse's portal, but it does close the distance. 

You can use this ability often since the cooldown period is not that long. Killers can also use this ability for fast succession while chasing a player. This ability is especially great for killers who like to take on survivors directly.

The second power of the Cenobite called Lament Configuration initiates a chain hunt when they are left alone. The hunt will immediately end when a survivor picks up the configuration.

The survivor will become oblivious while the configurations spawn attacking chains. The survivor must also solve the configuration to remove the effects. The killer can also view the victim's overall aura.

When the survivor radiates an aura, the killer can track them down, and they can use Summons of Pain in order to trap them further.

The Cenobite's powers and perks make for a great addition to the video game's roster. Even though the Stranger Things content is set to leave "Dead by Daylight" in November, the Hellraiser content is an amazing addition to the video game, according to Kotaku.

"Dead by Daylight" is available on several consoles such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

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