How to Clear Cookies on Android
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If your browser is crashing every once in a while, it could be that there's a problem with either your device or this could be just due to cookies piling up on Android. If you're curious to learn how to clear cookies on Android, you've come to the right place.

Depending on the browser being used, deleting cookies could differ in sequence. However, the two most popular browsers for Android remain to be Chrome and Firefox. Learn how to clear cookies on either browser for the Android as seen on CloudWars.

Learn how to clear cookies on Android in Chrome

Google Chrome allows users to clear cookies, site data, browsing history, and even cached images and other data coming from inside the app. Although these particular options are hidden in the privacy settings, users can easily access them through six simple steps. Cookies can be dangerous and even used by hackers to gain access to users' accounts even without a password.

1. Click on the three dots

Users can simply click on the three dots located in the top-right corner of the Chrome browser.

2. Click on 'Settings'

Users can simply click on the "settings" located in the dropdown menu in order to find other ways to help personalize their Google Chrome browser.

3. Click on 'Privacy and Security'

Users should go into the "privacy and security" section by simply clicking on this option located under the heading "basics."

4. Wipeout browsing data

Users can simply find and click on "clear browsing data" located at the top of the "privacy and security " page.

5. Delete 'Cookies and Site Data'

Users should simply click on "cookies and site data" and set how long they wish to delete them. Tap the data categories that the user would want to delete which can be found in the more "advanced" section.

6. Clear data

Click on "clear data" in order to remove the cookies from the user's device.

Learn how to clear cookies on Android in Firefox

There are also other popular browsers aside from Chrome being used on Android. The Mozilla Firefox is one example of other popular browsers being used on Android devices. Microsoft Firefox 86 has also released a way to help protect users from cookies.

1. Click on the three dots

The three dots are located at the bottom-right corner of the browser. This opens up the menu.

2. Click on 'Settings'

Click on the "settings" located inside the dropdown menu.

3. Click on 'Delete Browsing Data'

Users can simply find and click on the "delete browsing data" located in the "privacy and security" section.

4. Select 'Cookies' and click on 'Delete Browsing Data'

Click on the data that you want to be removed and simply click "delete browsing data."

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There are other extensive ways for users to delete cookies for other browsers as well. Some devices have different default browsers which could still be switched should the user decide they would prefer a different browser as their default browser. Users can also choose to stop their device from automatically accepting cookies.

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