Samsung Galaxy A21 Suddenly Caught Fire on Plane Pushing Evacuation
(Photo : Image from Samsung Website) Samsung Galaxy A21 Suddenly Caught Fire on Plane Pushing Evacuation

A Samsung Galaxy A21 has suddenly caught fire on a plane that pushed for an immediate evacuation. The burned smartphone was confirmed to be a Samsung Galaxy A21.

Samsung Galaxy A21

According to the reports of The Seattle Times via The Verge, a particular Alaska Airlines flight was suddenly evacuated on Monday night on August 25, 2021, right after a certain smartphone on the plane caught fire! A spokesperson for the official Port of Seattle noted that the device that was burned was actually a Samsung Galaxy A21.

In an official email to The Seattle Times, the spokesperson representing the Port of Seattle noted that the phone was in fact, "burned beyond recognition." The passenger who reportedly owned the device, however, provided specific details about the model.

Seattle-Tacoma Airport

The spokesperson noted that they could not confirm it just by looking at what was left of the device. The flight crew reportedly extinguished the fire with the help of a battery containment bag. The smoke, however, forced deployment of the plane's evacuation slides.

It was noted by MacRumor that the smartphone did not actually catch fire until the flight had finally landed at the Seattle-Tacoma airport. 128 passengers, as well as six crew members, were transported by bus to the terminal and there were reportedly no serious injuries.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploding Battery

On Twitter, a certain passenger who was reportedly on the flight noted that the burned smartphone was actually "like a smoke machine." There are often other isolated incidents of cellular phones catching fire after certain issues regarding the battery.

In this case, however, the problem could actually be notable as back in 2016, Samsung had to make a recall for its previous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to the device's exploding batteries. During that time, there were already a number of reports regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device exploding or catching fire while charging. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding batteries were a big deal but Apple guaranteed that the iPhone 7s is not going to explode the same way.

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Is the Samsung Galaxy A21 Safe?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was then ultimately banned from all airplanes and flights in the United States itself. There has been no particular evidence that the Samsung Galaxy A21 is also facing a more similar widespread issue as of the moment. The Samsung Galaxy A21 is not the only device that has caught fire as a previous Apple iPhone 6 was found to have exploded in Las Vegas.

The Seattle Times reports that the crew of Flight 751 was able to extinguish the fire with a battery containment bag. The smoke, however, forced the deployment of the evacuation slides, according to an Alaska Airlines spokesperson's statement to KOMO-TV.

After the incident, it was confirmed by the Port of Seattle in a tweet that there were no serious injuries or other impacts to airport operations that had happened as a result of the incident. It is also important to note that the smartphone caught fire and was not said to have exploded.

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