Samsung Galaxy S22 Could Cancel Vapor Chamber Cooling Technology for Potential Cost-Cutting Measure
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Samsung Galaxy S22 Could Cancel Vapor Chamber Cooling Technology for Potential Cost-Cutting Measure

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 could actually cancel the vapor chamber cooling technology for a potential cost-cutting measure. Some new information has actually emerged on the upcoming smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Lineup

According to a thread that was quoted by the tipster FrontTron, the popular Korean manufacturer will no longer be using a vapor chamber cooling technology on the popular Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup. Samsung is now reportedly making the omission due to certain cost-cutting measures.

Reports in the past indicated that the company's official mobile team actually wanted to use vapor chamber cooling for the company's upcoming Exynos chipset in order to help bolster the overall performance. Reportsnow suggests that the brand new Exynos chipset will actually be utilizing an AMD GPU.

Samsung Galaxy 2022 Flagship

According to AndroidHeadlines, Samsung initially used the vapor chamber cooling with the previous Samsung Galaxy S10 back in 2019. The brand new revelation actually contradicts some older reports that talked of vapor chamber cooling on the much earlier 2022 flagship.

Samsung had reportedly utilized the vapor chambers with the previous Samsung Galaxy S10. The feature was then later on ditched in favor of newer multi-layered graphite thermal pads to help with heat dissipation. Other leaks suggest that the Galaxy S22 could also come in three sizes as well as LTPO display. 

Vapor Chambers for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Lineup

Samsung had decided to use both graphites as well as vapor chambers with the official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 lineup as pointed out by Android Authority. Some of the other Galaxy Note 20 Ultra variants that actually used graphite pads had had complaints of heating up more than usual.

This then led to the notion that this was caused due to the lack of vapor chambers in the Note 20 Ultras. The people from iFixit reportedly quoted a thermal engineer noting that heat dissipation should still remain unchanged between the two different cooling systems as long as there are "gap tolerances" that are considered.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Chipset

When it comes to chipsets, a report last week notably suggested that Samsung might actually handle the production of the new Snapdragon 888 chip for the Samsung Galaxy S22. Qualcomm had reportedly unveiled the SM8450 chipset back in December 2021 which was just a month or so before the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Markets actually like the United States and South Korea will most likely get the Samsung Galaxy S22 with the new Snapdragon 888 chip. Meanwhile, the smartphone in other particular markets should reportedly be running on the Exynos chip expected to be coupled with the AMD GPU. The new Samsung Galaxy S22 could copy the high-tech cam stabilization of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup could even break cover in early 2022. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 would most likely be unveiled this coming January 2022 based on the release timeline of the previous Samsung Galaxy S21 this 2021. Samsung reportedly decided to forego the new Galaxy Note upgrade this year. Instead, the company decided to announce the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 as well as the Galaxy Z Flip 3 this month.

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