Top 10 NFT Games August 2021 Aside from 'Axie Infinity' | 'Splinterlands,' 'Gods Unchained,' 'Alien Worlds,' and More!
(Photo : Screenshot From Guild of Guardians Website) Top 10 NFT Games August 2021 Aside from 'Axie Infinity' | 'Splinterlands,' 'Gods Unchained,' 'Alien Worlds,' and More!

NFT games are becoming increasingly popular, with the widely heard "Axie Infinity" leading the list. "Axie Infinity" isn't the only NFT game in the market that has quite surprisingly provided a source of income for gamers aggressively making the most out of the game.

NFT coins have also been widely traded like $AXS or $SLP, which have brought profits to traders as well. With the popularity of NFT games, gamers and investors alike are either buying up their coins and tokens or signing up for the next potentially big game like "Axie Infinity."

Some of the games were listed on CoinMarketCap. The rest of the games have been listed on TechTime's previous reports of the top NFT games of 2021. Other games on this list were also found on the BlockSocial website.

Here are the Top 10 NFT Games August 2021:

  1. 'Gods Unchained'

This free-to-play game was infused with NFT elements into a more familiar card trading game genre. Players gain cards by either rare purchasing cards from other players or winning in PVP matchups. The ERC-721 token and players back up every card can trade in-game with the native token $GODS.

2. 'Splinterlands'

Another tradable card game like Gods Unchained gives players rewards when they win in card matches. Players will first have to purchase a card starter pack and register a Steam account. The game's cryptocurrency is $SPS, and players can combine the same cards with helping boost their power or sell for more $SPS.

3. 'The Sandbox 3D'

The Sandbox is a full voxel-based gaming metaverse and is considered one of the widely played games where gamers can trade virtual assets. The game is quite similar to Minecraft and Roblox as players get customization options as well. Sandbox 3D has also introduced $SAND and $LAND.

4. 'Alien Worlds'

The game is an NFT Defi metaverse that stimulates economic competition as well as collaboration between players. The game incentivizes Trilium or $TLM. Players can purchase and assemble different NFTs that fit their gameplay.

5. 'Battle Racers'

This game is closely inspired by Super Mario Kart as well as F-Zero. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and players can choose to use either $ETH or $MANA in order to play the game.

6. 'CryotoKitties'

This was one of the earliest blockchain games ever invented. The game is also built on the Ethereum network and uses $WCK, which is an ERC20 token. The game is also backed 1:1 by any particular ERC721 CryptoKitty.

7. 'Sorare'

This fantasy football game is where players can trade rare cards for high prices. The prices of cards depend on the scarcity, and they usually range from unique, rare to super rare. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the $DAPP token.

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Upcoming NFT Games

8. 'Guild of Guardians'

This fantasy-themed RPG is a game where players focus heavily on building communities or guilds in the game's terms. The game uses the native currency Gem, and although there is no PVP, players can fight against monsters. The game is scheduled for Q2 2022.

9. 'Gold Fever'

This jungle-themed RPG is a game where players get a chance to mine gold or, in the game's native token, $NGL. Players can also collect and trade limited NFT-based items, including weapons, clothes, and other supplies.

10. 'Neon District'

This is an RPG where players can collect characters, crafts, and gears. Players can trade within the game by using the $CRED token to obtain digital assets for the cyberpunk-like game. 

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