Electrify America's smartphone application can now be used with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and doing so can display the navigation on the screen. Looking for a charging station for one's electric vehicle was a hassle before with Electrify America, but the company has improved its services to be used by its customers. 

Volkswagen Group of America is the mother company of Electrify America, which sold its stakes on the app that focuses on bringing service for people. However, that does not mean that VW has completely let go of it but continued to expand charging stations in the country. 

Electrify America for Android Auto, Apple CarPlay

Electrify America App
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Electrify America has now updated its application so that it may be used for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, helping people have a better and safer way to navigate towards EV charging stations. Before this, the app can help users locate nearby charging stations, but was not available to be viewed via the car's infotainment systems. 

The charging initiative of Volkswagen has set up a massive network of superchargers that is available for most cars, and not limited to certain brands. Specifically, the initiative has already set up 650 charging stations in total, across the United States. 

Users need not look at their smartphone while driving or use it, as the service will help them mirror link it or show the display on the infotainment system for better integration. Additionally, other services of the Electrify America app would be available or seen via the infotainment system. 

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Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Android and Apple's move to integrate their smartphone devices wirelessly into a car's infotainment system is one kind of a blessing for all drivers and users out there. Primarily because it avoids any distraction while driving, and obstruction on a driver's field of view. 

A lot of apps have integrated themselves for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, having a specific version appear when connecting to the in-car display. The good thing is that people can enjoy the features of both seamlessly, as long as they have a smartphone and an infotainment system that can fully harness the features of a device. 

Electrify America vs. Tesla Supercharging Stations

Electrify America's biggest rival is Tesla's Supercharging stations which have also made their break across the country for a long time now. Both offer a charging station for all-electric vehicles and are not limited to Volkswagen or Tesla cars only.

Both offer a massive network for people to access across the country, but the only difference would be the price they need to pay for the charging process which they avail. Either way, it would be up to the preferences of the user on which to use between the two, especially if they are driving non-VW or Tesla cars. 

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