Tesla FSD (Full Self-Driving) Beta version could arrive in around four weeks. This new EV innovation is expected to allow Elon Musk's popular car autonomy feature to become closer to becoming the perfect FSD system. 

Tesla FSD Vs. Ford BlueCruise: Is Elon Musk's Competitor Catching Up or Still Way Behind When It Comes To EV Autonomy?
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Once that happens, Tesla owners no longer need to keep their eyes on the road or hold the steering wheel while the function is activated. However, the new FSD Beta version would still not be enough to achieve such a feat. The giant EV maker still needs to make more efforts for its Tesla Autopilot to enter Level 3 Autonomy and higher. 

As of the moment, Tesla FSD is still considered as a Level 2 driver assistance feature since drivers are still advised to have road supervision at all times. This means that they need to keep their hands on the steering wheel so that when the feature is not functioning properly, they could easily take control of their car. 

Now, various automakers are also developing their self-driving features for their own EV models. These include Ford's BlueCruise, which is also considered a Level 2 autonomy feature. But, which one is currently better than the other? 

Tesla FSD Vs. Ford BlueCruise 

According to CarScoops' latest report, Ford BlueCruise works via a combination of advanced camera and radar-sensing technologies, which is quite similar to how Tesla FSD functions. 

Tesla FSD Vs. Ford BlueCruise: Is Elon Musk's Competitor Catching Up or Still Way Behind When It Comes To EV Autonomy?

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Cars are prepared for distribution at a Ford factory on January 13, 2015 in Dagenham, England. Originally opened in 1931, the Ford factory has unveiled a state of the art GBP475 million production line that will start manufacturing the new low-emission, Ford diesel engines from this November this will generate more than 300 new jobs, Ford currently employs around 3000 at the plant in Dagenham.

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However, some critics claimed that Ford's self-driving feature is still way behind Tesla's own version since it doesn't rely on machine learning technology, which Musk currently integrates in its popular EV feature. 

Instead, BlueCruise relies on limited pre-mapped highway stretches. This means that Ford still has to map thousands of miles and then integrate the data into its autonomous feature's navigation screen. 

As of the moment, Tesla's competitor already covered 130,000 miles of North American highways. Although this is quite an amazing achievement, it is still incomparable to Tesla FSD's machine learning tech since this autonomous version could easily identify roads in real-time without the need for pre-mapping activities.  

Tesla FSD is Still Moving Forward! 

Unlike Ford's BlueCruise, Tesla is making huge efforts to enhance its FSD. InsideEVs reported that Tesla FSD Beta V10 could arrive soon. 

"We should be there with Beta 10, which goes out a week from Friday (no point release this week)," said Elon Musk via his Twitter account

He added that the new Beta 10 would have a completely retrained NN. But, this enhancement would take a few more weeks since the company still needs to fix some bugs and adjust various system changes. 

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