Tesla has a Rear Emergency Braking system, but it can only do torque reduction. This is where a Tesla fan has suggested a new feature or technology which the EV manufacturer should do, something which Elon Musk agrees with and finds interesting. Will this be a new feature that the public see on Tesla electric vehicles soon?

Musk is known to engage with fans via Twitter, and here, he reveals new features, updates, or facts about the vehicles of Tesla or even that of the spacecraft of SpaceX. This only shows how much of a people person Musk is, and welcomes all forms of suggestion, even from random people from the internet.

Tesla Rear Emergency Braking System

Tesla Rear Emergency Braking System
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A Tesla fan and user has relayed a question to the co-founder and CEO, wherein he suggested a new technology for the EV company to adopt for safer use of the vehicle. Tesla has always achieved to be named the safest vehicle on the planet, having NHTSA ratings that top the charts.

From the chassis of the EV to the safety features installed in every Tesla car, the company has aimed to be the safest car in the world. However, it seems that they may have missed something which a fan has pointed out for them, and it is the rear emergency braking system that would stop every time there is an obstacle that would be hit by the car.

The feature is not new amongst most modern vehicles, and it is a feature installed mostly on recent models and top-of-the-line ones. However, this is something that Tesla EVs do not have, and it has been brought to the attention of CEO, Elon Musk.

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Active Braking is the Better Choice

Tesla Autopilot
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Musk has noticed the tweet and began to explain that all Tesla electric vehicles have the torque reduction system installed, and it is one of the safety features for reverse driving. However, he does acknowledge that active braking is better than torque reduction, which is more like inhibiting the power of the vehicle.

The main goal or "prime directive" of Tesla cars is "do not crash" and one known way not to crash is to apply brakes or stop the vehicle.

As the Tesla CEO acknowledges this, it only shows that he is welcome to the idea, especially as the visual technology of their EVs has an active front braking system for when encountering obstacles. Additionally, this is something that would improve Tesla's safety features and not impede its performance.

Torque Reduction: What is It?

Torque Reduction is a feature that speaks for itself, and it lessens the power or torque output of a vehicle as a safety feature so that it would not burst into power when reverse accelerating. Musk has revealed that this is something present to Tesla EVs, particularly for the reverse maneuver.

However, this is not something that can fully prevent one from crashing or bumping into an object or obstacle. It merely prevents a full power to reverse, limiting the damage to the minimum.

The insight of the fan only shows that users are the better judges of vehicles and that their suggestion matters.

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