The Nintendo DS has come in different colors and themes over the years. But have you ever imagined it to look like a Pokédex? Believe it or not, someone has made it possible.  

A known Game Boy modder has modded a toy Pokédex into a Nintendo DS and the end result is actually fully functioning! The Pokédex and Nintendo DS hybrid has been posted on the modder's Instagram account as proof. 

The Nintendo DS Pokédex: What is a Pokédex Anyway?

Before diving deeper into how a Nintendo DS Pokédex was made possible, let us first define what a Pokédex is. "Pokémon" fans know that nifty little gadget very well, but non-Pokémon fans just might start scratching their heads over it. 

The Pokédex is pretty much a handheld device that stores all the information about the creatures called Pokémon. Think of it as a "Pokémon" encyclopedia in the form of a red device with a clamshell lid. 

In the "Pokémon" anime, the device was created by Professor Oak to help "Pokémon" trainers in their quest to collect Pokémon.

Given the fame of "Pokémon," it is no surprise that fans eventually started wishing that Pokédex was actually real. That wish has since been granted by numerous toy companies that have produced toy Pokédexes. 

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Toy Pokédex Turned Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Pokedex
(Photo : Screenshot taken from tomvdcr's Instagram post)

According to a report by Kotaku, a Game Boy modder has turned a toy Pokédex into a Nintendo DS. The end result is fully functioning too. 

The Game Boy modder, known on Instagram as tomvdcr, took a toy Pokédex and "gutted it and replaced its insides with a working Nintendo DS instead, which fit so tight he had to trim the motherboard to get it in there," per the Kotaku report. 

"As a kid, I always thought the Pokédex looked like a handheld and when we got to the Sinnoh Region, it was just designed like a Nintendo DS Lite," tomvdcr said in the caption of his Instagram post. 

The Game Boy modder kept the dpad of the Nintendo DS but reused the ABXY buttons. The Pokédex and Nintendo DS hybrid play like a DS, of course, even if the GBA slot was kept open by tomvdcr.

"This is my best handheld mod so far," the caption of the Instagram post reads. 

Nintendo DS: Nintendo's Discontinued Handheld Gaming Device

The Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming device that Nintendo released in 2004 and 2005. It features two LCD screens, wireless connectivity support, and a built-in microphone. 

Games that are playable on the Nintendo DS include multiple titles from the "Pokémon" and "Mario" franchises, "Cooking Mama," "The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass," "Animal Crossing: Wild World," and many more. 

The Nintendo DS was eventually discontinued in 2013 after selling more than 150 million units all over the world. 

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