Google Doodle has been fascinating through the different sketch concepts over the past few years. The latest illustration this September tells more about the first day of school for this academic year.

Despite the pandemic restrictions and lockdowns amid the COVID-19 scare, many schools continue to serve the students via virtual classes. The transition from physical class is now changed to the online trend.

Latest Google Doodle Depicts the First Day of School in 2021

Google Doodle Launches Latest Sketch Featuring First Day of School 2021
(Photo : Google )
The latest Google Doodle celebrates the first day of school in some countries in 2021.

According to the Doodles Archive, the latest Google Doodle was published on Wednesday, Sept.1. It marks the first day of school for this year in some countries.

The archives also show the countries that can be seen on the main homepage of Google. These are the United Kingdom, Estonia, Latvia, Israel, Luxembourg, Poland, Vietnam, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine.

Based on the Google Doodle sketch, the logo of the tech giant is surrounded by many symbols linked to schooling. There are learning materials, including a book, ruler, pencil, and more. There are also stuff that is related to sports.

The users can select a preferred mode from two options: the light and the dark mode.

The sketch also features a conspicuous green pencil in the background. At this time, many students want to experience the atmosphere of a "real" school.

However, even though there are long summer breaks to celebrate, they are still hampered by the coronavirus cases that continue to rise daily.

In a recent report by 9to5Google, it's worth noting that Google has not yet released some tech-related products lately. What's sure at the moment is the continuous online learning mode that would happen in the next months or even years.

The new normal resorts to huge adjustments among students and teachers, but people have coped up with the changes. The institutions have boosted their support to resume schooling virtually.

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Previously Released Google Doodles on September 1

Here is the list of the Google doodles that came out on Sept. 1 over the past years.

  • First Day of School in Israel (2017)

  • Uzbekistan Independence Day (2017)

  • Filopimin Finos' birthday 

  • Uzbekistan Independence Day (2018)

  • First Day of School in Poland, Russia, and Estonia (2011)

  • Celebrating Jackie Ormes

  • Celebrating Dr. Harold Moody

  • First Day of School (2008)

  • First Day of School in Russia (2012)

  • Knowledge Day (2007)

  • First Day of School (2020)

  • Fatima Surraya Bajia's 88th birthday 

  • First Day of School (2014)

  • Aya Koda's 116th birthday

  • First Day of School (2017)

  • First Day of School (2019)

  • Father's Day in Australia (2019)

  • Bui Xuan Phai's 99th birthday

  • First Day of School (2016)

  • 37th Anniversary of The Neverending Story's First Publishing

  • First Day of School (2010)

  • First Day of School (2018)

  • Google's New Logo

  • 34th Anniversary of Similan Islands National Park

  • Tarsila do Amaral's 125th birthday 

Latest Google Doodle in August 

Last month, Google celebrated the animation dubbed "Turkana Human." It showed how the Homo erectus was discovered in 1984.

Back in April, Google Earth Day 2021 Doodle talked about the importance of trees to the people and the environment.

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