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Twitch creators are jumping ship, and the latest one is Tim Betar, also known as TimTheTatMan. Tim Betar is one of the biggest streamers on the platform.

The streamer announced that he would be transferred to YouTube Gaming in Sep. 2. His decision to move came days after another famous Twitch streamer, Ben Lupo, known as DrLuop, said he would be switching to YouTube.

Twitch Streamer Transfers to YouTube Gaming

In moving from Twitch, Tim Betar is leaving behind more than 7 million followers that he had built for years in the streaming platform.

However, he won't be starting to square one on YouTube because, as of Sep.1, he already has 3.8 million subscribers. YouTube did not comment about the terms and conditions of its deal with Tim Betar.

According to Insider, Betar stated that the move would allow him to spend more time with his family and friends. He said that he had no family obligations when he started on Twitch, and he could stream for hours.

Now, he has a wife and son, and he finds it difficult to stream as much as he did in the past.

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In an interview with The Washington Post, Lupo said that with YouTube Gaming, he could spend more time with his family and the deal with the platform was enough to secure him for life.

Both Lupo and Betar's moves follow the switches done by Jack Dunlop, known as CouRage, and Rachell Hofstetter, known as Valkyrae. This could mean that YouTube Gaming is investing more in bringing famous names to their platform.

YouTube Gaming is still new in the industry and has fewer hours watched compared to Twitch, so enticing big names to join them could help close the gap, according to Streamlabs. 

In an acknowledgment of the transfer, Twitch posted a montage of Betar on its official Twitter account. They included the iconic moment when he won a game called "Fall Guys."

A Twitch spokesperson said in a statement that they are happy to see TimTheTatman achieve so many milestones since he began his account on Twitch in 2012.

Fans were able to witness him get married and welcome their first child together, as well as the time that he won the "Fall Guys" game.

Twitch Boycott

Aside from several famous creators switching to its rival platform, Twitch is also currently suffering from a boycott that has affected its streaming hours.

Twitch was acquired by Amazon in 2014, and has since garnered attention from gamers and streamers.

Over the last few months, Twitch users have become concerned with hate raids powered by bots. In order to protest the platform's lack of action to prevent the harassment of marginalized creators, some streamers decided to go dark to observe the #ADayOffTwitch protest.

The protest is scheduled for Sept. 2, and users are now sharing a list of demands for Twitch. They want the streaming platform to host a roundtable with the creators affected by hate raids and allow streamers to approve or deny raids.

Users also stated that they want to have the power to enable tools that will only allow accounts of a certain age to chat. They also want to remove the ability to attach several accounts to one email address.

Twitch was also under fire for lowering the prices on other countries like Turkey and Mexico, preventing streamers from earning the same amount of money as their North American counterpart.

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