Tesla Roadster sees another delay, and it would see its release date postponed for another year says Elon Musk. Yes, it is already confirmed that the Roadster would release by 2023, and it would depend on the issues which the clean energy company would face in the coming year, where it originally planned the release of the EV.

Initially, it was revealed by the multi-tech CEO and billionaire that the electric supercar would release by 2022, and it would have a tri-motor drivetrain like the Model S Plaid and Plaid+. A lot of people were excited and have placed their preorders on the vehicle, but unfortunately, another delay is coming.

Tesla Roadster 2023 Delay

Tesla Roadster
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Tesla Roadster

A Tesla fan has asked the eccentric billionaire when the Roadster would release, as fans are all eager to see the extremely fast and popular electric vehicle. The fan also mentioned that the Plaid and Plaid+ have already been released to the public.

This signifies that the next agenda for Tesla should be the Roadster.

Here, the multi-tech CEO (@elonmusk) has responded and said that the Tesla Roadster should ship out by 2023, but that too is not a sure thing for the EV company. Musk said that if there is no "mega drama" by 2022, the release date or its arrival would be in 2023.

There are no guarantees that the EV company could release by 2023, especially as Tesla faces a lot of drama and issues with its technology, not to mention its battery production. However, what is important is that the Roadster would have the tri-motor drivetrain, something which Tesla has already successfully built with the Model S Plaid.

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Tesla Roadster SpaceX Package

Tesla Roadster
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The Tesla Roadster would have a lot to bring to the public, and one of them is the SpaceX Package, which packs a thruster from the space company for the added boost it needs. Moreover, the feature would only take the users 1.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour.

Potentially, this would be the fastest vehicle and electric vehicle in the world, surpassing that of Rimac and its Nevera electric hypercar.

Tesla Roadster: What to Expect

Tesla Roadster
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The Tesla Roadster is a 2-door coupe, and it would resemble more of a sports car's design, rather than the ultra-low, long, and sleek hypercars with the likes of Rimac, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, and more.

The second-generation roadster would follow the first Tesla car in history, which was released last 2008. Moreover, people should get the full suite of what makes a Tesla car, including all comfort and technological features, as its price tag is up to a whopping $200,000.

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