Amazon to Hire 55,000 Corporate and Tech Roles for Global Expansion Plans | Find Out More
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Amazon to Hire 55,000 Corporate and Tech Roles for Global Expansion Plans | Find Out More

Amazon is now looking to hire an additional 55,000 corporate and tech roles in order to help the company continue its global expansions. Although there has been quite the buzz regarding Amazon's working environment, the company still employs quite a significant number of workers.

Amazon to Hire 55,000 Jobs

A statement by company CEO Andy Jassy noted that of those jobs, 40,000 of them will be based in the United States. The other 15,000 roles will reportedly be based in Germany, India, and even Japan.

Jassy noted that Amazon continues to grow very quickly and relentlessly invent across a number of areas. The hiring plans were originally disclosed to Reuters reporting that the total hiring spree would be for roles in the areas of research science, engineering, and also robotics.

Amazon Hiring to Keep Up with COVID-19 Pandemic

The whole expansion will reportedly also see Amazon's corporate as well as tech workforce which is already composed of 275,000 employees as of the moment. The report states that this would be an increase of 20% in those fields. A controversial issue of Amazon workers peeing in bottles had the company apologize to Poncan for the uncomfortable news.

Giving an update regarding the company's employee workforce in its own fulfillment centers as well as delivery network, Andy Jassy noted that the company has hired around 50,000 people in the United States. This was after it announced in March 2020 that it was going to hire 100,000 new full as well as part-time roles in the company's fulfillment centers as well as delivery network in order to help the company cope up with the whole COVID-19 panic buying.

Tech Hubs at Amazon

According to the story by ZDNet, the announcement of the latest hiring spree reportedly follows the company investing $1.4 billion in 2020 into 905,000 square feet or 84,077 square meters of new office space in the United States for the company's "tech hubs."

The tech hubs are reportedly for Amazon's tech as well as corporate employees, according to the company's previous statements. The Amazon press release noted that the company has been able to hire over 450,000 people in the United States ever since the start of the pandemic.

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LinkedIn Ranks Amazon as No. 1

It was also noted that the company is now the largest job creator in the United States. The company was also just recently named by LinkedIn as the Number 1 company where Americans actually want to work as well as develop their careers. A certain report alleged that Amazon uses algorithms to fire contractual flex delivery employees.

During the Career Day of 2020, Amazon even saw the highest one-week number of job applications in the history of the entire company. The event is reportedly open for all and this is regardless of their level of experience, their professional field, or even their background.

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