If you are into NFTs and NFT games, chances are you know what "CryptoKitties" is. Considering how cute and adorable the kitty NFTs in the game are, it is hard not to notice them. 

"CryptoKitties" is one of the world's first NFT games and it lets you collect and breed digital cats. The premise of the game will surely appeal to many people who are interested in NFT games, especially those who are fond of cats as well. But if cats are not your thing, you might be on the lookout for something similar to "CryptoKitties."

Well, luck is on your side because there are NFT games like "CryptoKitties" out there in the market and you are about to read about them in this article. 

NFT Games Like 'CryptoKitties': What is an NFT?

But before diving deeper into other NFT games like "CryptoKitties," let us first explain what an NFT is.

NFT is an acronym for non-fungible tokens. NFTs can be any digital and have already come in forms such as digital art, GIFs, music, and collectibles. Each NFT has a unique value and, since they are non-fungible, they cannot be exchanged with anything of the same value. 

NFTs and cryptocurrencies go hand-in-hand in a sense that you need crypto to purchase NFTs and to play NFT games. However, the similarities of NFTs and cryptocurrencies are limited to their unstable volatility and the fact that they both store digital records on a blockchain. 

What is 'CryptoKitties'?

As previously mentioned, "CryptoKitties" is an NFT game that lets players collect and breed digital cats. If you want to be more specific, "CrytoKitties" lets you buy, breed, sell, and even sire cats.

There are four official types of CryptoKitties in the game: Normal, Fancy, Special Edition, and Exclusive. As its name suggests, Exclusive CryptoKitties are the rarest of the bunch. 

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NFT Games Like 'CryptoKitties'

There are many NFT games like "CryptoKitties" out there in the market today. Here are some examples of NFT games like "Cryptokitties":


(Photo : Screenshot taken from the CryptoFighters Twitter account)

"CryptoFighters" is one of the NFT games like "CryptoKitties" that also runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It works just like "CryptoKitties" but also involves team-building and team fights in its gameplay. 


(Photo : Screenshot taken from the EtherBots Twitter account)

According to CoinDesk, "EtherBots" is the one out of all the NTF games like "CryptoKitties" that is closest to it by design. Instead of cute and adorable cats, users get to build customizable robots in "EtherBots" that can be used to battle the bots of other users. 


(Photo : Screenshot taken from the HashPuppies Twitter account )

If you are looking for games like "CryptoKitties," but you are more into dogs than cats, then "HashPuppies" is the NFT game for you. Built on the NEO blockchain, players can create, breed, and raise virtual puppies in this crypto-collectible game. 

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