Tesla Bot was created by Elon Musk so that he can ensure that the robotics industry and AI world would be safe, and not cause harm or destruction once the tech becomes present. A lot of robotics companies have already showcased their technology, and the growing number of startups present a massive question and fear among many.

Musk initially foreshadowed that the world would be "reporting to AI" and that a "robot future" is coming. Moreover, initially, Musk warned the world of artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, several months later, he announced the Tesla Bot on AI Day with the clean energy company.

Tesla Bot: Created to Ensure Safety in All Robots

A Twitter fan asked the multi-tech CEO about his decision to make the Tesla Bot, particularly because Musk warned in the earlier years that AI can be dangerous to humans. The fan had presented a massive but simple question, and it is because these are two contradicting statements or actions from the CEO.

Here, the Tesla CEO answered that a lot of companies have already made robots that are automated or use artificial intelligence to function, including the likes of Boston Dynamics.

Despite the many competitors, Musk's Tesla Bot would not go against them in terms of technology, features, or function. However, what Tesla would border on is the "safety" aspect of the humanoid robot which the company has released unprecedentedly, something that was not expected by the public.

The billionaire said that he cannot ensure that the technology and creation of other companies would be safe, and can only promise that the Tesla Bot would be the one to be the "safe" one among all.

The CEO pledged that he would do try his best in making their creation a safe one, as the world is contemplating accepting robots in the present.

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Tesla AI for Tesla Bot

Elon Musk and Tesla's Humanoid Robot
(Photo : Tesla / Screenshot taken from Sawyer Merritt's Twitter account)

The AI that would be used for the humanoid robot would be the Tesla AI, and it is something that the company has designed from the ground up. It was not revealed by Musk, the showcase, or Tesla whether it was a collaboration with sister companies like OpenAI, which is popularly known to have works regarding this.

That being said, the Tesla Bot would have the technology from Tesla themselves, designed and created by the company. It is known that the AIs which Tesla use is for the electric vehicles, particularly the Neural Network which helps to control the car.

Also, this is something that is deeply embedded within the system's Full-Self Driving, infotainment system, and other AI needs of the EV.

Is Tesla's Artificial Intelligence Good?

Currently, Tesla is under investigation from the NHTSA for its Autopilot data, particularly as there were several crashes that involved the company's tech and vehicle.

Sufficient to say that Tesla's AI needs more time to be tested and considered if it is either good or bad, something which would be tested once released.

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