AI still has no right to make patents over inventions that they have created, and this was made sure by a US judge that has been keen on not letting the technology be a proprietor. 

The movement has focused on giving AI the right to apply for patents, as what they did cannot be entirely attributed to who made them, as it was not their decision to make. 

Artificial Intelligence has grown over the past years, and it has made significant progress, in different fields like technologysciencemedicine & mental health, and more. Technology is slowly becoming more accepted during this time, especially as it presents more and more functions to make life easier. 

AI: No Right to Patent Says US Judge

AI rejected right to patent inventions by US Judge
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A US court last Thursday has decided against giving AI the right to patent their inventions (via Bloomberg), as they are said to not be "natural persons" that have life. The court has decided not to give AI the right to have their inventions be named after them, or patented under their name or likeless, as they are not humans.

Currently, the laws present in the country have talked about the patent to be made by natural persons only, and that was what the district court has bordered on and used to keep AI away. Inventions can still be made by AIs, and they can still help in making inventions possible by contributing to studies. 

The only thing is that they cannot be named for it, or have the right to said product or invention. The US Judge has been intent on not making this happen, especially as it is not a "natural" occurrence or happening in the society in which we live now. 

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US Judge Says AI May Soon Be Given a Chance, But Not Now

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US District Judge Leonie Brinkema has said that in the court document for the AI's proceedings that there may come a time in the future where artificial intelligence can be considered to patent its inventions. However, that time is not now. 

Moreover, the district judge said that if this happens, there would be another convention between them and Congress. 

Judge Brinkema is not entirely closing off the doors for AI to be able to patent their inventions, but it is not the time now for its approval. Nevertheless, AI's fate in the future remains unknown, especially as it would depend on the law and the proceedings if it would get approved for pushing its patents and inventions. 

AI Inventions: Are they Theirs?

AIs are made by humans, and it is because of a person's coding, influence, knowledge, and other reasons which is why it has the knowledge it possesses. However, not all of the artificial intelligence's knowledge could be attributed to it, because it is a learning technology that may or may not evolve. 

A lot of clauses and reasons should be considered for this, especially in giving AI the right to have their inventions patented over their name or likeness. 

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